Mar 21, 2019

Good IEM for working out

I usually only listen to music using earbuds/headphones when doing long-form cardio. However, when I do, I like to listen to music. My earbuds now from Anker on Amazon just don't pack the punch I'd like. They work for what they're worth. But what's your all's recommendations for IEMs with good sound quality that are somewhat resistant to sweat (preferably under $100 and no more than $150)?

My pick would be the Shure SE215. Their sound isn't the best but their build quality is amazing and the included cable is nearly impossible to destroy. I was taking my pair to the gym every week and ran them through the wash several times. Obviously if you have the money pay for the one with better sound quality in Shure's product stack, but the SE215's fall in your budget range.
I concur with this. I have a 7 year old pair of 215s that have taken more abuse than should be allowed. They're not a gold standard for SQ but they're above average in that regard and can be driven by just about anything. I use mine alot while biking and they're still trucking along just fine.
Thanks, everyone. I'll look into them.