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What is the best Dac (around $100) ?

I've just decided my headphone and amp, now I wanted to choose a dac for my HD6xx and the jds atom that I'm going to purchase. maybe the best combo with jds atom will help.. List of Dac I've been searched FiiO k3 Grace SDac (massdrop) OL Dac modi 3 / modi 2 uber Fulla 2 Please give a suggestion on which should I buy, or give me your personal reccomendation on which budget dac is the perfect one.. Simply give a reason also for why do you choose.. Thanks in advance !

Mar 25, 2019
I was exactly in you position a few months ago thus my first comment on the Massdrop website... I have bought the Grace SDAC (within the LCX+SDAC amplifier) and I mostly like it for its relaxed presentation. However, I would suggest another DAC, the Khadas Tone Board (not on Massdrop yet) which is based on the Sabre ESS9038Q2M. It has two drawbacks. First, compared to the SDAC, it requires drivers to work with your PC (not the newest Thesycon ones though) but is scales up much better if you will become more serious with your hobby (e.g. to build an AudioPC as the most demanding audio players do not integrate well with old USB interfaces, my SDAC had problems with JPlay and a few with Amarra) because of the XMOS XU208 interface. Installing drivers is not a big issue and you have to do it with almost all the recent DACs... Second, it is just a board, you may have to consider 10-15$ more for a case or you to build one in the future (or put it in a metal cookie box). I was convinced to buy it from this analysis (paid 75$): On the same site, several alternative DACs,
Mar 23, 2019
On the cheap end, the OL DAC and Grace SDAC are all you need. Both are transparent and high enough quality that you'll be spending a lot more before you can hear a difference. Edit: Links
Mar 21, 2019
The Ol Dac with opical is great. (JDS Labs). I like having two inputs. Get a B Stock one should be a little cheaper.
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