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Skin that ink pen

My DIY multi-pen leather holder. Made from two pieces of scrap leather and cross stitched with beige colored waxed nylon thread. It hold eight pens comfortably but can fit nine. Dimensions are about 5" X 7.5" and fits nicely in any one of my backpacks, shoulder bags, or messenger bags. I've been making odd-ball leather cases and pouches for some of my gear over the past 2-3 years with varying success but this pen holder has logged the most mileage and gets plenty of second looks when sitting out on a table at my favorite coffee shop.
Theroc, Duncan, and 1 other

Nice work Randy, wish I could sew leather that well. One question, if you were to keep the pens from rubbing up against each other, and at the same time keep the smooth look, how would you do it?
I would consider a 3-step approach. 1. I would use thin and soft leather to make a pen roll (like a watch roll) to hold the amount of pens I would like to carry - for me it would be 5 or more pens. 2. Once the pen roll is created, keep the pen roll flat and sandwich it in-between two larger pieces of leather that will be used as the outside front & back covers of the pen case. I would also use a small amount of leather glue in select spots around the outside of the leather pen roll to keep it in place while inside the two large pieces of leather.. 3. Then I would cross-stitch around the outer edges of the two large outside pieces of leather. the finished case should end up looking like the one I made, just thicker and now with separate leather-lined slots for each pen.
Note: This is off the top of my head and would take a bit more planning. as well as a fare amount of stitching to make the joining of the inside pen roll and outside leather covers look decent.
Nice work. I've always toyed with the idea of making my own notebook leather cover. However, I never got around to committing to the idea. BTW, watcha got in that case? The two on the left I don't recognize.
I keep these pens in my messenger bag and use them throughout the day during my daily travels and sometimes at work. Although they are all low cost pens they perform well, feel ok in my hand and if I loose one, well....I got more. For the kind of writing I'm doing in my Midori Travelers notebook, and a few FieldNotes booklets I really don't need high-end pens. On the far left is a fine tip Uniball Vision Needle in black and next to it is a Pentel mechanical pencil. The other six pens are black, red, and blue Pentel and Pilot pens both Fine and medium.
* One Uniball Vision Needle Fine Black Waterproof Fadeproof * One Pentel 500 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil *Three Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gell Ink0.7mm Metal Tip Japan pens. (Black, Red, Blue) * Three Pilot Precise V5 RT Fine pens. (Black, Red, Blue)
You even made a mosaic. Well done! 👏👏👏
This. is. fantastic. Very well done. Can I see a pic of the other side??
Here ya go!