Mar 21, 2019

hi , can anyone tell me if the TR X00 purple heart eary pads get warm and sweaty, is the leather breathable. thanks.

Hi Guys, can anyone tell me if the ear pads on the Massdrop TR X00 Purple heart become warm/sweaty after listening.Is leather breathable. I had a pair of Denon AHD7200 headphones and my ears got extremely warm after listening for a short time. any help would be appreciated kind regards rupert

Leather is more breathable than pleather, but still will warm up the ears. Alcantara is probably best you can do for pad material on a closed/semi-closed headphone for comfort with good quality sound. Trying out the Yaxi Alcantara and leather TH pads and really liking them, do prefer the leather to the Alcantara for sound. Of all the pads I've tried with the TH-X00 Purplehearts, my favorites have been the ZMF Ori Lambskins, Yaxi Lambskins, and Jmoney V3 lambskins (no other pad sounds like the Jmoney V3... been looking for an available alternate for years with no success.) Not really a fan of Dekoni pads as they are not comfortable for me and sound worse compared to most other pads I've tried - simply too muffled/boomy and flat sounding. Stock, worn out Denon AH-D2000 pads are better to me than any Dekoni I've tried.
Yes, they don't breathe very well. Frankly, stock pads suck due to the opening being so small. They're also not real leather. I believe they're protein leather or some sort of other material. They don't feel very nice to the touch. I swapped to some TH900 style pads as the opening is larger in both velour and sheepskin with the attenuation rings and it's been a noticeable upgrade. Tried some other aftermarket TH600 style pads and while the material was better, the small opening was still a no-go for me.
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Well, considering the cost of Lawton anything, it makes more sense to just go with a can that has better resolution. I'm a fan of the TH900 but can admit to its faults. Sadly, there are better options now days that have more balance and resolution without modding and spending additional monies. All that said, I have noticed more of a bump to the clarity and tightness of all the Fostex cans by going balanced out of a very good SS amp. More so than any other pad mods, the control and additional power of amps have yielded the most significant results. These drivers like power and when giving them what they want they bring out more of their inherit qualities. Both good and bad depending on the model in question.
The Lawton Tune-up kit costs about the same as a pair of inexpensive pads and is the only thing I absolutely love which I've tried from them... can't stand their pads (absolutely wrong what they do to the TH-X00 and lack comfort that other pads have), would never buy their cables, and fear what the cups would do to the sound I love. The Purplehearts really benefit from the driver damping being they are the most bass intensive TH-X00 version that can be had. That they have their insane low end impact yet still provide excellent mids and treble with extremely live and clean sound when modded to control chamber reflections and equipped with the right pad setup is why I love them so much. Extreme power yet precise control with a euphonic sound. I actually went with the Purplehearts because I knew I would absolutely be using the Jmoney V3 pads from my Denon AH-D2000. Since the Jmoney V3s reduce the bass without attenuators in them (didn't know about attenuators for pads at that time) I figured the Purpleheart made the most sense to go with for a TH-X00 to replace the AH-D2000. I too noticed that running them on a powerful, SS amp with low input impedance synergizes extremely well with them and was the reason I ended up getting the Gustard H10 amps. They absolutely perform their best from the Gustard X20U DAC and H10 amp combo setup compared to other setups I have and had. But the ~$30 for the Lawton damping for the driver housing is still hands down the best mod you can do for a Fostex TH-X00.
You'll run into the same issue if you use the stock pads on the Fostex
Thanks for your reply. I’m gonna pass on them so. 😁
Dekoni makes a lot of earpads. Maybe you'll like their models better