Mar 23, 2019546 views

HyperX Cloud Alpha vs Cooler Master MH751/752

Been looking a gaming headset for around $100, and I have heard very good thing about these two headset. I play on PS4/XboxOne/PC. Which one you guys think is better headset ? Thanks


You can't go wrong either way. Both sound amazing. Although if you go with the alphas, I'd reccomend getting the brainwaves velour earpads for them, opens up the soundstage a lot. I have both and tbh, I would 't be able to reccomend one over the other.
I can only vouch for the Hyper X - it was a serious upgrade from my pulse elites; I haven't looked back since. Definitely the best on the market for that price range. Try giving this a read. Your best bet will be to watch YouTube videos about the headsets you are interested in or reading online reviews and articles. There is a very slim chance that someone on Massdrop owns both headsets and will find this post / give you advice