HyperX Cloud Alpha vs Cooler Master MH751/752

Been looking a gaming headset for around $100, and I have heard very good thing about these two headset. I play on PS4/XboxOne/PC. Which one you guys think is better headset ? Thanks


mh751 is an upgrade over clouds core i heard and alpha,mh751 is much more natyral and same time produces more detail and balanced sounding.I never liked hyperx stuff even when they were considered best years ago with takstar pro 80 rebrand,at that time i found creative aurvana live 1 better sounding and id say mh751 is a better buy that cal1 since better comfort,build and as good sounding as cal1,id stay away from hyperx stuff in 2019,they really need smth new to stay on track for sound,stuff like mh751,cal1, sennheiser gsp300,sennheiser pc37x are better ones.
Aug 3, 2019
Honestly the mh751 by far over the alpha. The mh751 currently goes for 70 usd or less, but the alphas push 100. Here are all the ways the mh751 is better: headset can fit any head with ease, one of the best mics out there, 261 grams, slick design allows it to be outdoors, balanced bass(no distortion at any sound level), and no need to buy brainwavs replacements. However, there are ways the alpha is better: The build quality. Tbh, if you don’t believe me, look it up.
May 1, 2019
You can't go wrong either way. Both sound amazing. Although if you go with the alphas, I'd reccomend getting the brainwaves velour earpads for them, opens up the soundstage a lot. I have both and tbh, I would 't be able to reccomend one over the other.
Apr 25, 2020
If you're struggling and have doubts on the alphad, go with the mh751s, wont regret it. Like I said both are good, so either one will please your ear souls
Jul 3, 2020
yea that's true, my friend bought the alpha's and everytime we play csgo together he always echoes. I heard that's because top of the headset cups have 5 small holes, maybe the sound that go out from the holes got pick up by the mic
Apr 22, 2019
I can only vouch for the Hyper X - it was a serious upgrade from my pulse elites; I haven't looked back since. Definitely the best on the market for that price range. Try giving this a read. Your best bet will be to watch YouTube videos about the headsets you are interested in or reading online reviews and articles. There is a very slim chance that someone on Massdrop owns both headsets and will find this post / give you advice