Mar 24, 201965 views
Wore my go-to tool watch (Seiko Orange Monster) while fertilizing the lawn and power washing my car and trucks this morning. Now settling in for some paperwork before returning to work on Monday. Everyone have a great Sunday!
Carloslekak, ZcityUp, and 8 others

Great choice for all of those activities! The Samurai is close to the very top of my list of fav Seiko.
A Samurai is on my wish list!
I suppose you call that an Auburn Tigers orange? I'll be in Dallas for their opener against my Oregon Ducks. Can't wait!
You busted me! Yes, it's pretty close to Auburn orange, making it my go-to watch for Auburn sporting events - I have season tickets to Football, Women's Basketball, and Softball. Glad to hear that you are going to Dallas to support your Ducks against the Tigers. Should be a great time and a great game!
I'm jealous that you're gonna be there! Will be rooting for my ducks on my couch in Eugene haha.
My Orange Monster is not getting enough wrist time anymore. Both Turtles are stealing it. Especially my Grey Dawn LE. Still keeping the OM in my collection, but...
Wore my beloved Samurai today for some chores, Church, and chillin :) have a great rest of your day folks!
Nice watch!