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I have made many purchases since the beginning of massdrop and i very much DISLIKE the new BETA update that has been rolled out. i feel like cattle being herded towards what massdrop wants me to purchase. at the very least allow us to set up our own default view please. having the default of "massdrop made" at the top of every community is not what i want to see every time i check for new product releases. my time is valuable and i do not want to search through what massdrop is trying to pitch to me by forcing me to look at their choices. i do want to be able to log in and quickly see new releases in the community i have chosen for my default. please fix.
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Yeah. It sucks. I tried to avoid using it. That was no problem on my PC, but I could even get into it on my phone. I was visiting family and finally broke down and said OK. I should have asked to use their PC. It's a Messdrop Update.
It's insanity is what it is!! Nobody with even a rudimentary understanding of the wants and needs of the average Massdrop customer could of singed off on this Shit Show of a "UPGRADE" 😒
I typically view once each day as a quick check to see everything new that's been posted. That experience is significantly worse for me with the new redesign because of two visual changes:
  1. The sidebar of categories/communities takes up a significant chunk of horizontal real estate, and can't be collapsed, which means I only get to see three columns of products at a time, vs four on some pages (like all-communities/drops/stock). (I get why you'd want it available, from a UX perspective, but being unable to dismiss it, especially when that UX element disappears from other parts of the site, seems strange to me.)
  2. The communities (my communities, it looks like?) are repeated again, in a side-scroller at the top of the page, which pushes the actual list of things I came to see down below the fold. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy, do you hate your own content?
I'm not against the changes, per se, I just want an efficient way to see everything that's been added since the last time I checked, and "all drops/newest" has always seemed like the easiest way to achieve that. "all-communities/drops/stock" is close, but it's separated by category, which means you can't just stop scrolling when you see something you saw previously. (It feels like existing user stories weren't included in this round of UX updates, and if any user testing was done, only new users were recruited for the effort?) At least some of this is easy enough to fix with a userscript or in my adblocker, but I'd rather not do that if I don't have to, since that only fixes it for me. ;) Anyway, I know how hard making visual changes to a popular website can be, so I've tried to restrain my criticisms to specifics rather than just complaining about how change is bad. ;)
Also, maybe this shouldn't have been posted in blades/general? It looks like there was a discussion of this back when they first started rolling it out over in the massdrop hub section:
Very well put logic. I don't have a clue how any of this works so I was relegated to just complaining that Change Is Bad!!😨😆
What a horrible site redesign! Completely agree with the OP. What is this mess? Seriously are they trying to drive customers away? I'm just about done with MD. When their designers think it's good to make it HARDER to browse goods then it's time to take my business elsewhere.