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How do I request a product be added to Massdrop?

I'd love to see Massdrop pick up the products once made by Oppo, such as their highly vaunted yet affordable 4k blu-ray players and headphones. How do I request that Massdrop consider them?

If Oppo audio gear were still in existence you could start a poll and hope for the best, but even that won't help at this point in time.
Did Oppo not go bust a few months ago? However if you did want to add a request you go to Discuss - Polls - then you'll see Start a new poll
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Thanks. I appreciate the primer. I suppose it matters WHY Oppo isn't making their Blu-Ray players any longer (didn't want to market, get into the digital side of sales, etc.). Some of these things Massdrop might be able to help with, but if they don't want to be in production any longer, then there's no real hope. Given their popularity though, I'm surprised they didn't just contract for their manufacturing from some third party, and just lend their IP hardware designs and software.
BBK is the parent company and is more than likely focusing on their phone segment. They have Oppo, One Plus & Vivo under their umbrella. All the speculation has been that electronics side was sundowned to allow them to focus on their mobile phone market.