Mar 26, 2019

Need suggestions for best entry level wide angle to shoot long exposures?

Planing to buy an entry level (sub-$1000) wide angle which has good low light performance.

you could get a 16-35 F4 version for about $1k or the 17-40 for about $500. I've been using a Tokina 11-16 on my 6D but leave at 16mm, anything wider and the lens rim starts to vignette.
Yep, good point @ac12 . I already a Canon 5D Mk2. And want top stay sub-$1,000 for this lens.
If you already have a camera, Rokinon makes a 24mm F1.4 for most modern camera mounts that is widely considered one of the best astro lenses you can buy, and it is usually sold around $500.
Do you have a camera? IOW, is the $1,000 for lens or lens + camera? Define specifically what YOU mean by long exposure. As what you mean may/likely be different than what I think.