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Which Andrew Jones speakers have you heard and what are your impressions !

Andrew Jones Interview - Engineer of Elac, KEF, Infinity, Pioneer and TAD Speakers


I briefly met Mr. Jones last Sunday at the audio Show in Montreal. His new floorstanding active speakers are outstanding, and so are the new bookshelf active speakers in the same series that were both demonstrated at the audio show in two separate rooms/halls. Both from ELAC. I also own a couple of portable speakers from Pioneer that he designed a few years back (commonly called the « A4 » and the « A3 » portable active speakers, that were also wi-fi and Apple Airplay compatible (but not bluetooth). The A4 was clearly his biggest and best sounding design in that line, with great bass, good mids and great highs, excellent solution for the patio, but the A3 was close and had the double advantage of being able to run without AC outlet (on a 10h autonomy rechargeable internal Battery) and was also weatherproof. Mr. Jones knows how to design a good sounding speaker at reasonable prices, just like his Debut line of speakers from ELAC.
Pioneer? As in like this?
I've been using a pair of these Pioneers for... well... literal decades now almost. Don't know if they are ones Andrew Jones designed, but they've always sounded great to me.