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Armytek Partner C2 unboxing and first impressions.

Armytek is having a heck of a sale right now on some of their models. I am a budget flash light guy. My EDC light is an Olight S1, which replaced an old Streamlight stylus 2AA. I really had no prior knowledge of Armytek until it was suggested to me. So I am going in blind. They were out of black, so I got the gold accented version. I was skeptical about the gold accents, they are growing on me though. A little bling bling in your life is good right?
Tech Specs from Armytek
  • Unbeaten light brightness 1250 LED lumens (1050 OTF lm)
  • Extreme beam distance up to 174 meters
  • TIR-optics for smooth light beam without sharp edges. No «tunnel vision» effect after continuous use
  • Solid and impact-resistant body ensures the flashlights’ efficiency even after falling from a height of 10 meters and harsh impacts.
  • The highest standard of water, and dustproof. IP68 - submersion to the depth up to 10 meters
  • Compact size and small weight perfect for constant carrying in the bag, pocket or on the belt.
  • Compatible with original remote switches and weapon mounts
  • Additional side button for comfortable one-hand operation
  • Multi-color voltage and temperature indication
What's in the Box?
  • Light
  • Crappy holster
  • Pocket clip
  • Lanyard and tiny lanyard attachment ring
  • Spare rubber tail cap switch cover
  • Couple of o rings
I was immediately scared by the lanyard setup. I was supposed to fumble with my meat bats and put this tiny ring into this tiny hole?
With one the dentists picks from my cleaning kit I did manage to get it in there, first try too! The wife was skeptical, as was the dog. It did mar the finish a little bit putting that silly tiny key chain on the light body. Why not make the hole in the body of the light big enough to accommodate the actual lanyard clip? We will never know I guess.
Thoughts and Feelings
This light feels solid. It fits nicely in the hand, real nice clickiness to the button on the tail cap. It is gold accented. I think I like that? Not 100% sure yet. I have only played with it indoors, and it is ridiculously bright. The sun will be a up for a few more hours, and then I can see what it really does. As of now, I have high hopes for this light. I don't think it will be replacing my Olight S1 as my EDC light, purely based on size and convenience. It will be a great light to throw in the glove box of my truck, and will definitely be used when we go camping.
I look forward to taking it to some of our favorite swimming holes, and since it is waterproof to 10 meters it should be more than enough for the rivers we visit.
The only immediate cons that I see are the lanyard attachment, and maybe the finish not being very resistant to scratching. I would buy it again, at $35 on the 50% off sale Armytek is having. I wish they had the black or silver accents left when I bought it, but I feel like it is a great value for how bright and solidly built it is.


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