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Giveaway: Writing Starter Pack (ENDED)

New to the Writing Community? Not sure where to start? Need a little boost to get you going?
Whether you’re brand new to writing, or you’re a fountain pen veteran, there’s a place for you on Massdrop. With so much happening in the community right now, we wanted to take this opportunity to help people some of the newcomers get started. We’re giving away a bundle of products that should help anyone dive into the magical world of writing. But fear not, pen masters, this giveaway is for you too. It’s totally fine for you to enter even if you’re already immersed in everything ink and pens. We care about the entire writing community. And this starter bundle giveaway is a great way to introduce anyone new into the world of writing. The Writing Starter Pack has everything you need to kick off your collection. A pen, a notebook (and cover), and some ink cartridges to refill your pen. And when this giveaway is over, we’re going to make it regularly available on Massdrop!

If you're interested in bringing more friends into the wonderful world of writing,
we've created a link you can share with them so they can sign-up more easily:
For every 100 new people that join the writing community from this link,
we'll add on another prize that everyone will be eligible for!

THE GIVEAWAY RULES To enter, click the “like” (thumbs up) button in the lower left corner of this post. That's it. This giveaway ends on September 1st at 11:59 p.m. PT. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email within the week. THE GRAND PRIZE: • Recife Pearl Fountain Pen Fine Nib Black & White • Allegory Webnotebook Cover Charcoal • Rhodia Rhodiarama A5 Webnotebook • Schneider Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges (6-Pack) Black (not pictured below)
BONUS PRIZE: If we get 100 new people to sign up through this giveaway we will also be selecting a lucky winner to receive a LAMY Imporium Black & Gold Fountain Pen.

Thank you in advance for participating in this giveaway.
We really do appreciate it, and hope you’ll join the discussion.
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You can never underestimate the importance of good writing utensils.
Wow very cool!
Love the concept; great marketing idea. Perhaps, to pick up on a book that is at least a decade old now (Tipping Point concept), perhaps this movement would be interesting to study. As early as the 1990s, we in academia were repeating the idea that high tech and high touch will go together. Is our move back to the tactile, and more personal touch of fountain pens (touching also our soul’s need for artful expression), a cross-generational movement too, a reach of more?
Me sa like it!
More Recife pen drops!
What about the bonus prize, any winner?
Thanks for being patient, everyone! We officially have a winner for the Writing Starter Pack. Congratulations to Alex P.!
We really enjoyed doing this giveaway and look forward to the next time we can do it. We appreciate everyone's participation and hope you'll join in these giveaways in the future.
I can finally upgrade from the kawecos I've been using 🙌🏻
Have the winners been announced? Because congratulations are in order to whomever won this great package!
Great idea and great products!
What a wonderful set. This is a great offer and give away
Good luck to all
Thanks for the offer. A great giveaway
What a sweet package. I've been trying to get rid of my other pens so I'm solely using fountain pens. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity Massdrop
amazing idea, a prize like this could do alot for someone
Amazing Giveaway!
Awesome giveaway!
Great , as all, hoping to win this!!
Great package!
Looking good Massdrop! Writing is a great way to decompress after work, for me, even if I write just a couple of sentences.
No, seriously. My dad was a psychiatris and an artist, he wasn't too fancy but had Lamy brushed metal pens. A multi system and a ballpoint. I wanna save up to buy a brushed steel lamy one day.
Oooh, pick me, pick me!!!
Awesome prize package - Good luck everyone!
Great prize! Keeping my fingers crossed.
fingers crossed
I think this is great! Good luck to everyone.