Mar 29, 2019
Found some geos and agates in creek near my home here in Ky

what rate you put for dt990 pro for gaming like details,, bass,, soundstage, Sound:,,Bass:,,Mids:,Treble:,Positioning:,Clarity:?? and etc? from 0-10 for the gaming? in dt990 prO? what rate you would put for the music which i hear? trance, house, psy trance, techno, deep house, chill out,, drumerbase,, uplifting trance?.. techno trance, electro,dubstep, trap,hardstyle? what rate you would put for 0 to 10? i have heard from most reviews and some people that claim that dt990 pro and akg 712 pro are very good in gaming and edm music. some another people say that dt990 pro have very treble, and v-shape,. in some another people dont have problem with v-shape and treble. i am hearing a lot of different opinions . but if someone has dt990 pr0 and akg 712 pro i would like to share with me his opinion and his thoutghs and experience with these 2 headphones dt990 pr0 and akg 712 pro in gaming and edm music experience..
Look around creeks that’s where you’ll find them
That's cool. I live near Dundee. Maybe I should look a little closer when I'm out huntin' ginseng.