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International Pen Show 2017

There’s a lot going on in the world of writing this week so we’re going to celebrate everything that’s happening. We want to give everyone in the Massdrop Writing Community, whether you’re a veteran or a beginner, a good reason to take part in what we have in store. Today, the San Francisco International Pen Show kicks off an entire weekend long of PENTHUSIASM (not even sorry). Since we know not everyone can make it there in person, we’ve also put together a special collection of writing drops to celebrate the worldwide writing community, and lastly, we’re hosting a very special giveaway for people that are just getting into writing with a special ‘Starter Pack’. So let’s get into the details...

THE SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL PEN SHOW The pen show is finally upon us and we are definitely getting in on the action. These pen shows happen all across the country, but this weekend (all weekend long no less) it’s happening in San Francisco! We’re very much looking forward to meeting everyone that’s going to be there so if you see us, please say hello! This show isn’t a small event either, this is three full days of classes, talks, ink stations, an auction, and even a concert! Check out the main show schedule below:
See the website for full event details:

INTERNATIONAL PEN SHOW SPECIAL COLLECTION In honor of this event, we’re kicking off a collection of special drops specifically for the Writing Community. We've curated this assortment in order to surface the very best of what we have to offer
Check out the set of products here:

WRITING STARTER PACK GIVEAWAY Lastly, we don’t want to ignore those that might be brand new to writing and may need a hand figuring out what’s what. We’re creating a ‘Starter Pack’ drop that will include the basics for someone who wants to get more into writing, and we’re GIVING AWAY the very first one. We also want to appreciate the people who have been around for a while so if all goes well, we’ll be able to giveaway another VERY special item as well.
Enter the giveaway here:

wardog, Anais Adams, and 22 others

I really want to go but I can't, sad face!
Another great show! Picked up a couple notebooks (can never have enough).


(Nock co. and Margin / Life notebooks)
(interior of the Life notebook with interesting margins)
(ink testing stations!)

Also picked up a sampler set of the brand new Franklin-Christoph pencils!
What did you get me?! @MikeMD
a round of applause :)
It's a shame I couldn't attend this inkteresting convention...
Someday though, I will. I hope.
You will! This year was really great and a little bigger than I remember in the past.
My loot from the show: Franklin-Christophe Model 66 with Matsuyama Broad Stub 14K F-C 1.9 Nib Kaweco Steel Broad JinHao X750 Calligraphy tags for my dogs
Biggest take away for me is the discovery of broad nibs. I spent probably over an hour at F-C trying their nibs, and I kept coming back to the Matsuyama Broad Stub 14K, which felt magical to me. i got to meet Matsuyama-san and thanked him. The 1.9 nib is crazy fun! Makes my lousy handwriting look great! Been eyeing the Kaweco for a long time now, and could never decide on the finish. Glad I got to try the steel. Ditto the JinHao, felt pretty good in my hand.
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Speaking of India, were there any of the handmade Indian brands present? Like Banu or ASA?
I only saw one from India. Didn't catch the name because the quality was not that great. Not sure about the brands you mentioned.
My Sf Pen Show Haul! First pen show.. may have gone a little overboard :)

Apparently I love Kaweco!
Kaweco Special - brass Kaweco Sport - steel Kaweco Perkeo - black/pink, blue/white Jinhao - black sparkly, orange demonstrator Nock, waxed black pen bag (beautiful!) Nakabayashi, Logical Prime notebooks
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How busy was the Visconti display? Rumor has it the company is going through a rough patch. Any 2017 releases?
The logical primes had grid, dot, and lined I believe!
I didn't pay enough attention at Visconti - just saw the Van Gough one and figured they were all out of my budget :)
Robert Oster inks... Yum!
Yum indeed :D
I got into fountain pens about 4 months ago (Thanks, Massdrop!), and didn't even hear about this show until a few weeks ago. I can't make this show, but hope to attend next year for sure. And yes, any pictures anyone wants to post would be great.
Definitely going today. @Theroc are you going?
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Only a few, by private message from a friend. That's why I called out the Massdrop team. Well @MikeMD did not disappoint last year. Pretty sure he'll think of us.
Please share pics! I can't be there this weekend but have been stalking peoples photos on ig
Come on guys. I know you've been raiding every exhibit at the show. Share your photos MD, show us your haul.
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We could tell you, but then...well, you know.
LOL yeah yeah, I know