Headphone Care

Anybody got links to a suitable brush or ones that you swear by that you like to use for brushing off your headphones? Any general pad care tips?

Wipe with a soft cloth, don't use spray cleaners and lint rollers are awesome for velour pads.
Mar 30, 2019
Thanks again for the good advice. It's amazing that the Sennheisers can last that long when properly cared for. I got a Pelican 1200 case that just fits my HD6xx, and my Focal Elears came with a good case in addition to it's presentation box. Appreciate you words of caution and recommendations for giving them the proper care. 🏁
Sennheiser stuff is of good quality and most components are user replaceable should you ever have an issue. They don't advertise it much but Sennheiser sells headbands, drivers, cables, connectors, pads etc. directly. I've not done anything beyond replacing pads but I also baby my gear.