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SendyAudio Aiva

how do we get Massdrop to look at SendyAudio Aiva? check out z review or other. sounds super interesting
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This guy thought they were straight up great: I'd be more interested in the iems but haven't seen a review of them yet.
Yeah this is why I’m curious about the in ears. Thanks!
Aiva maybe a flash in the pan... I'm not holding out hope for staying power there... recessed mids and ringing around 2k (and maybe others) is what I read... but maybe massdrop can fix it- fill out the mids, make it a tad more laid back, and offer it for 299? Or 399? That would be great! (keeping the clarity of course).
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Got to hear these at canjam la... I liked them, but they are sharp in certain areas I'd the treble and sound peaky to me in a number of ways. They are definately worth the money, but not sure I would take these over ananda or arya unless it just came down to price. Still would love to hear the edition xx one day... got to hear the 177x gos and they're really good.
I did get a pair - the clarity is exceptional, but the treble is a bit sharp. Waiting for my THX 789 so I can really push them.
Why are transfer rates not posted? sustained, peak, etc. Is this bus powered?
Because it's a pair of headphones? All headphones are "bus powered", and the transfer rate is the speed at which electrons move through the cable.
Sorry, I thought I was posting a question about an external hard drive. Duh...