Mobile Phone Output Impedance

Hello! I was looking for some help in finding the Output Impedance of the Lenovo k10a40. Currently I have this as a guide but it's about as useful as an elephant in a mine field. I just bought the Massdrop Plus and would love to find out if I need to buy an portable DAC/amp.

OI is rarely a published spec for most phones but they are rarely below 2 ohms. For you to be safely outside of the territory of impedance mismatch you would need a 1 ohm or lower OI for the Massdrop Plus (10 ohms). You can pretty safely rest assured that you will need something other than your phone or the frequency response will be impacted/changed
Mar 29, 2019
Thank you for your reply! Ill start looking for something. On that topic do you have any suggestions on what to buy to solve this issue? As always, any suggestion is heavily appreciated! Edit: went with the ifi IEMatch :) thanks again!
That should do just fine for you, make sure to use the Ultra setting as that is roughly 1 ohm OI, the standard setting is 3.5 ohm.