Does a keyboard without the nav key column exist?

So, what I am wanting is fairly simple. I am looking for a keyboard that is similar in size to TKL keyboard, but instead of having a nave column to the right of the F12, Backspace, and Enter keys, has a standard numpad instead. I would want it to either not have additional space between the Numpad and the rest of the keyboard, but if it did, minimal separation would be best. I don't see any reason to have the nav keys on the keyboard as the numpad and, on most full size keyboards, usually does fullfil that same function when the Numlock is turned off. Ideally this would be a fully programmable keyboard with similar build quality to the Massdrop CTRL keyboard. I don't think that the presence of Function keys are particularly important, but having a keyboard that takes up a little more space vertically would not be a bad thing. If the keyboard does not exist already, is this something that their is enough interest in to spawn the creation of a keyboard like this by Massdrop themselves?
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Mar 31, 2019
When @erickong suggested that the Cooler Master Pro M was what I was looking for, I found out that that was called a 90% layout and went Googling and found the Plum 96 Laser Etched POM Mechanical Keyboard. I think that I like that one a lot more. I think the best option is the Red Scarf III Ver.A 96-Key Custom Keyboard Kit with the standard 6.25u with no arrow keys that was apparently already on Massdrop, but I really do not want to have to put it together. I also really think that the remote is just a stupid, wasteful, gimmick.
Vortex Vibe?
Apr 2, 2019
That is amazing. I've already hit request on the old drop
Cooler Master Pro M
Mar 30, 2019
That is what I am looking for exactly! I hate the design of the casing, but other than that, it is perfect. Is that a standard layout that some other companies manufacture, or is cooler master the only one?
Only one that I know of