Mar 31, 2019

Who's your favorite knife maker and would love to see a Masdrop collaboration?

Andre Thorburn Todd Rexford John Barkerknives Gus from GTC Wrblade Tom Mayo Bob Terzuila Todd Begg Kirby Lambert Lee Williams Michael Walker Eric Ochs Frank Fischer Todd Fischer Turpin Michael Burch Walter Randolph Brad Southard Brian Tighe Dmitry Sinkevich or anyone who is not on the list Personally I really wish to see a GTC collabotation with the SLT or Lee WIlliams's Kickstop also really love Dmitry's design what do you think
Knitister1 and dreamsky0505

How about Steve Schwarzer?
Mikkel Willumsun
I also wouldn't mind seeing David Boye bring in that dendritic cobalt folder with the marlinspike.
My one request: Indigo handle. Just TRY not buying that knife.
the first Kershaw Injection is one of the best knives made in recent memory at its eventual price point (under $20). Give Rexford a go.
If you could get Reate or WE to make a few thousand Begg Mini Bodegas or Glimpse models for a decent price there would be a freaking stampede to keyboards everywhere to grab one or 2. They are that good.
I agree, hopefully Massdrop can see this and make it happen.
Can you tell more? I’ll try one if they’re all that. To be honest my initial impression was that the designs are a little busy and reminded me of 80s Hibben knives reimagined in the age of CNC milling and laser etching. Not bad, just not my taste. But I keep an open mind and if the build quality is strong I am usually down to try a new designer and see for myself.
Easy: Todd Begg