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Hey MASSDROP, about blade branding...

Can you stop putting your butt ugly logo on these kinves? Do you need a free logo design? I can do that for you if your graphic department is lacking? I really wish all knife makers would go against having their work shit on by "ASSDROP". (M)ASSDROP, you can do better.
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i guess now we'll have "DROP" on the blade? or just "D"?
The new branding is a CNC-milled pivot screw with "D" logo, shown here on the Terzuola Persian which is the first knife to feature the new branding. What do you think - better?
I do like the new direction of branding. if it were my knife brand i would opt for hidden branding on the liner/interior of frame. Much cleaner imo.
I buy knives based on how they *work*. When one is in my pocket, I don't see the logo. When one is in my hand, I don't see the logo. When I am sharpening one, I don't see the logo. OH. I'm a knife user and you are a knife ... admirer? Fondler? Critic? Whatever. Carry on but be aware that many people have other things to worry about.
are you gatekeeping with how people should "use" their knives? how I enjoy my knife and how you enjoy your knife: neither one is "better" or "worst" as your post suggests. i also use knives, dont we all? just because you "USE" your knives some how you feel you are superior to people who buy to collect bc they dont "USE" their knives? what a load of BS.
I'd love to see a simple MD logo
lmao thats hideous