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Which headset should I buy

I'm been looking for a good gaming headset for a while but I just can't decide what to buy. If have a fairly small head and I don't care about mic quality (I'll just use a blue yeti). Plz give recemendations

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Steelseries' Arctis 7 are a great headset for me. Been using them for a few years now, and they're still one of my favorites out of all pairs that I've owned. No real downsides to them. Good sound and mic quality, lengthy battery life, comfortable to wear for hours on end.
Buy an audiophile headphone like for example the Massdrop x Hifiman HE4XX instead of a crappy headset. Quality hifi headphones have better soundstage, positional accuracy, more balanced sound and most importantly better build quality than pretty much everything marketed towards gamers. Ironically most gamer headsets are some of the worst picks imaginable for gaming purposes. Here is a long series of reviews of popular gaming headsets as well as hifi headphones (used with dolby headphone for surround sound) https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-4-2019-audeze-mobius-and-massdrop-x-hifiman-edition-xx-added.534479/
I have the Sennheiser Game One. I can wear them for 12+ hours and they work perfectly with my glasses. Great sound and performance. Built in mic on and mic off feature which I love. I previously had a Tritton headset that make my ears sweat and hurt after long gaming sessions.
gaming headsets don't really offer anything more than regular headphones other than a built in mic and accessories. If those don't matter to you then you should look into getting just regular headphones because they offer better sound quality for the same price. I'm using the FiiO FH5 IEMs because I like to have something that's portable. I would Highly recommend them for both gaming and casual listening.
You should get the one with the most LED lighting, it is a gaming headset must!!!
Astro A40
HD 6XX + a Fiio K3 that's what i use and it is $300
I love Audiotechnica's open back set. I have the full gaming headset because I lacked a good mic, but they have several mic-less versions. It's spendy, but the sound is amazing and the soundstage is huge. It makes the positional audio from Overwatch soooo clear. Previously I was using a set of K7xx's.
There's no point in getting a gaming headset if you already have a mic (gaming headsets are usually just headsets with a mic that are branded for 'gaming'). Can you provide a budget for us to recommend?
Well I would be willing to pay a high price point like 300 bucks but if a cheaper option is available then please let me know
Gaming headsets are sometimes a gimmick. If you have your own dedicated microphone that's awesome, it gives you a chance to branch out. What's your budget? Would you consider audiophile headphones that are good for gaming?
I'm actually now considering the dt 990 pro
DT990 are great for gaming and music. I use DT990 and a set of AKG K7X, before I was buying jank gaming headsets every 6 months, razer, corsair Logitech asus, the DT990 are far better.