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Help me find a similar strap

Looking for a 22mm strap that would be like this one on the picture, except in blue... Suggestions welcomed!

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I ended up buying these from Watch Gecko and this morning I see they've already shipped my straps!

And this one was on sale, picked it up for my other Tudor, on a whim:

Combat Straps does great custom work at affordable prices (but expect to pay $100+). https://www.combat-straps.com/GALLERY.html On a budget, Hirsch usually gets the job done! https://www.hirschstraps.com/
Well, I had previously contacted Aaron from Combat Straps (we are both in Montreal) and he quoted me $165 USD + $15 USD for the buckle (USD! That's like $240 CAD! For a single strap! 🤯). I'm convinced these are wonderful straps - the many pictures online attest to that - but it's a bit too much for me, it's way more than the expected $100+.
Wew, that is quite pricey haha.
Not sure about finding one like that, but check out Everest straps, which makes straps specifically for Rolex models. https://www.everestbands.com/collections/rolex-explorer-ii-pre-2011
Have you tried Etsy? Here's one that has a similar texture and contrast stitching (but ships from Japan): https://www.etsy.com/listing/600344600/custom-ortensia-blue-minerva-box-calf Gorgeous (from Duluth, GA): https://www.etsy.com/listing/609170318/italian-minerva-box-leather-watch-strap? This might be a winner: https://www.watchgecko.com/helmsley-watch-strap-by-geckota.php
I've ordered probably a dozen straps from JonesInTokyoLeather, and they do not disappoint. Those straps get the most wear of all my strap/watch combos, and they only go on my favorite watches.
Good to know. Thanks!
Colareb all the way. I think they sell on Amazon as well https://shop.colareb.it/index.php?id_product=35&controller=product&id_lang=1
Do one-pieces work with a watch like this? https://www.massdrop.com/buy/da-luca-one-piece-chromexcel-watch-strap Asking as we have this live right now, and I just generally want to know.
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Yeah, fair enough. Learn something new every day around here.
I considered it, but I'll make it so high on my wrist...
Blue can be tough, although I've noticed more and more people doing it recently. Add in that pebble texture and it could be a challenge. A couple of options over at B&R - https://www.bandrbands.com/22mm-navy-horween-pilot-watch-band.aspx

https://www.bandrbands.com/22mm-navy-gator-leather-watch-band.aspx Barton does a lot in blue - https://www.bartonwatchbands.com/collections/18mm-20mm-22mm-watch-bands-from-barton Other spots I've had luck: https://www.crownandbuckle.com/

I see this over at Barton but it does not have that luxurious grain... And the quick release worries me (although I can reuse my current spring bars very easily). 

I've had good experiences with the quick release there, but haven't picked up any leather - only canvas and silicone.
@kpjimmy may have some thoughts on this, too @Bobraz - any preference in type of leather?
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Man... sorry/not sorry? Lol I know bandrbands may have something or even watchgecko. Good luck!😁
As a matter of fact, Watchgecko may have something very similar, at half the price! Thanks for the suggestion! Will buy for sure!