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Help with Tubes, humming.

Is it just me or is everyone else having similar luck changing the tubes in the Dark Voice OTC? I’ve spent upwards of $300 dollars buying the tubes people are recommending and all but the one that came with it HUM very noticeably. I’ve tried to burn them in as other people said to do and they still hum. I just got another one in the mail today, I crossed my figures and put it in, freaking hums louder than the others. Today’s pick was a Tun-Sol 6SN7GTB. I am so discouraged! Any ideas? I’m not a wealthy person by any means, in fact I’m disabled after 22 surgeries. I’ve also had an electro-harmonix 6SN7EH I don’t have the other two info handy to inform you. What do I do?

Well I'm not an electrician, a dentist or an engineer (although I did want to become a gynecologist at one time), but I suspect that after learning you spent three-hundred bucks on recommended tubes, it sounds to me like you're a victim of MMDAH (Mass MD Audio Hypnoses). The symptoms are purchasing otherwise unknown Chinese audio gear sold on MD, and hyped by would-be audio fans in the comments sections of said gear drops! Young boys willing to sacrifice a month's worth of groceries solely on the recommendation of other commenters, tend to congregate in these areas to discus products and discribe digital sounds with animal, mineral and vegetable-like characteristics. The only known cure is to purchase name-brand gear from sources that allow returns, when the myth of audio nirvana turns out to be more bullshit than reality.
Sounds like power supply noise to me. You might do well with some power conditioning. Probably what everyone below is telling you though.
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I'm glad that someone is on top of it.
I’ll have to check into that. I’ll bring the DarkVoice to A/V store hopefully tomorrow and see if indeed that will work. I’ve cooked the last tube for about 90 hours now and there’s no change. I’m so discouraged because all the original gear works perfectly, it’s dead quiet.
Remove the earth grounding plug off the power cable. There was a thread about this for the 336SE and i did that as soon as i got mine. Never had a issue with humming
Yikes! Not being an electrician or a dentist, how does one do that? I’m assuming pliers and a tug?
Follow up. I’m getting no buzz from the RCA plug. I know exactly what you are referring to. The only time I get a hum is switching out the 6SN7 tube. i can change out the larger 6AS7 as much as I want with no hum. But take out the original 6SN7 and it hums bad. Not a peep with the original tube. I’m talking dead silent, it’s like the type of nothingness you can hear your own blood flowing. I’ve changed plugs, even ran it through the power regulator thing that keeps my A/V and projector safe. I’ve tried cooking the tube as someone described for 48 hours with the rear tube out but to no avail. I think the next step is to call the manufacturer. It’s over 30 days old, that happened just trying to save money for some new tubes. The way things are now the music is to bright with the Sennheiser 6xx’s. Not a bit of bass, it’s just clean. To clean.
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Can I ask another question? when listening to music on a mobile device like an IPhone for example, is there something like a good app besides an EQ that will allow you to work the bass, treble and midrange as if it were on let’s say an A/V?
Don't use my iPhone for music listening (have one for work purposes) so I'm a little out of my depth there. I use Poweramp on Android and it has tone controls (bass/treble) in addition to the EQ options.
Agree with @mldw ... will also add that many home/apt outlets are not properly wired/grounded. Change the outlet you have it plugged into and do the same steps mentioned in the original reply.
Will do! Thank you
Hi, depending of the HUM it can be a ground loop. Just plug the power chord and a headphone nothing else. still a hum ? try to touch the rca plug... If it changes the hum => ground loop. If no hum then => ground loop. many way to solve it If still hum.... 2 way to go => clean the quality of electricity (ex : furman AC conditionner) => trouble is coming from your DarkVoice... no Luck. =s