Apr 4, 201953 views

Good headphones for movies?

I'm currently using a set of DT880 and while I really like listening to music with them movies are bland. What I guess I would like most better bass performance not just louder bit more responsive.

For movies, if you are into beyerdanymic then have you tried DT770 with leather earpads? Hifiman 4xx(with angled sheepskin earpads) and sennheiser HD 6xx also pretty good.
For me movies I need soundstage, sub bass, and dialogue clarity. An easy to drive pair would be the phillips x2. If you are looking for the "boom" the X00's are a good option. The DT990 actually isn't bad for movies either and will be cheaper than either of the previous options. Owned both the DT880 and 990 at one point, sold the 880 to get a T1, still own the 990. Movies, hard rock, heavy metal tend to be the best material for the 990 IMO.