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[IC] Laser SA Keycap Set - Leave your feedback inside! 🦄


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Now that Cyberpunk 2077 is announced, hopefully this goes on sale again. Would love to have a Cyberpunk theme setup.
Yes. This.
Looks like I just missed this drop :(. If it goes on sale again, please let me know!!
not a fan of asm legends. waiting for a keyset with proper ergo pro mods.
Having said that, I'm still holding my breath for a set inspired by The Expanse!!!!!11!!~
Oh shit, I would rock the fuck out of a MCRN keycap set.
I know!! The possibilities are endless.. OPA and UN sets would be awesome too, with desk mats to match... one can only droll dream We need to get the fans organized around this idea! I tried asking on the discord and reddit but didn't get a whole lot of traction
100% down for this. So sad I missed out on Laser GMK so really can't believe this is happening!
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Is there a delay on launch of this? I can't see it yet.
have some patience, MiTo wrote it will come this week, not on may 1st ;)
@MiTo Hey, I am new to the scene and don't really understand the buying options. I want the key caps for a 105 key keyboard and am from Germany, so I have to get a lot of your special sets. I wanted to know if I can only buy them in the sets which are shown in the pictures? If that is the case would there be an option to buy the Monokit with the Alphas (Latin characters) as standard keys. Thank you for reading this and also thank you for being such an awesome designer!
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And numpad as he has a 105 key board!
Correct, and Numpad!
I'm ready!

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I’m already in for gaijin, obnet, turbo, and mitowaves. Kits look great.
Thank you very much for the support!
So can you get the cyberdeck with the alphas? Or do u have to buy them separately?
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Although it technically works (although not ideal) it is possible that one orders the Cyberdeck and the Mitowaves, in case he has a TKL he can completely switch the F-Row with novelties without any loss of experience for example. The Cyberdeck is clearly a kit on it's own and not supposed to be combined with anything else, hence why it comes with mods, extra mods and even novelties!
Yeah, there's definitely ways to make it work if you're paying attention to which keys are which rows. And I totally get the appeal of putting together a monokit with different rows. I just think your initial reply to the person asking about pairing Cyberdeck with Mitowaves wasn't as clear as it could have been.
This looks amazing. What is the spacing of the stems for the 2U keycaps included in the Ortho kit? I'm looking for new caps for a XD75 so I need stems with spacing like these: https://pimpmykeyboard.com/dsa-2-space-pos-2-mounts-pack-of-4/
It has the regular 2u stabilizers mounting legs (aka Backspace keycap),,
So is the cyber deck coming back??
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No man, I am focused on the SA version as you can see in the post above...
In slight parallel to this req, there's a lot of sweet new options that look like will be offered with the SA set... At some point, I would really appreciate a re-run of the GMK set with the Obnet, Turbo Micons for numpad etc... Though, that may be a project for the somewhat distant future... Im still super sad that I wasn't able to get the Micons back when the GMK set first launched.
Any chance for the ramen icon to show up as R3 anywhere? I’ll buy any kit that has it just for that!
Unfortunately not, I opted for the laser beam plus two sunsets for R3, can't have all designs on all rows.
Couldn't make the noodles but we have some cool options still, as we are live!
@MiTo will you be adding 1u alt and ctrl to cyberdeck? most novelties on the cyberdeck are r2 so i cant use them for 1u mods :<
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oh lawd it's coming - prepare your wallets
Oh no! My wallet is hiding from me now... little bastard.
Are we getting the Saturn?
The Saturn board is a work in progress, you can subscribe to my website and you won't miss any news! mitormk.com
MD just dropped SA PULSE tkl that ll run for a month, does this mean Laser will be after it?
@MiTo Said that the drop will be up in a couple of days. Most people think that SA Laser will go up after GMK Eclipse is done.
Thank you so much @MiTo for including a R1 1.5u DELETE key in the Exotic kit. That will make it fit on my UHK60. Happy me!
At your service always!
Loving the ISO support! I'm really missing that blocknet ISO enter on my GMK Laser, so finally getting a set with multiple variations is amazing :D Really looking forward to this @MiTo !

That's one sick 60% partner, looks pretty cool - and this time full ISO!
Do you have a solid idea of what date these will be available to buy? I'm terrified of missing the drop or it selling out before I can order!
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Ya girl is with ya! ;) Thanks for making sure I didn't miss it!
Any chance for a (' ") key in modifier colors in the ortho kit? Ortho sets in for example Oblivion, Pulse had it :)
I can include one in R3!
Amazing! :)
Is there already an estimated price for the seperate sets ?
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Thanks for the reminder, but it is too late... i already ordered my cyberdeck kit! :D
Awe heck, you've got the LASERWAVE fever already! Jokes aside, thanks a lot for the support!
Every time I look on these I must listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AqTB30d-Mc&list=PLB8gpYsWlfOlW_8uQgMoVDOHQCGkijlyA&index=31&t=0s Plus Stranger Things intro :) Can't wait for these to start... and then getting them delivered. Again, another great set Mito!
This one right here is super awesome as well! https://www.instagram.com/p/BvCtkgInzxL/
Fire keycaps but I prefer white with purple text for the middle keycaps and tea silent if possible
Glad you like it!
Are the translucent Dawn and Dusk accent keys planned in SA profile like in GMK? Great that the cockpit version of Laser SA is added - great value I wish is available in fully sculpted.
I was debating if the translucent kits were worth doing because people apparently wasn't ready for them. I think they are very nice, will probably offer again, this time in SA!
Please do because it gives me this vibe...

Any chance of an LED kit for Caps/Num Lock?
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SA Carbon legends are printed on the front of the key instead of top to avoid wear as well
Let me see what I can do in this regard!
Please move the two micon pink accent esc and enter key to the micons kit or maybe add a standalone accents kit? As a micon fan I'd love to be able to not have to buy an entire kit just for those two keys.
Thanks for the feedback but this is not gonna happen, essential kits can’t be mixed with decoration.
@MiTo My dude! you just made my day! I was thinking about getting Gaijin, text mods and novelties to cover my keyboard but now all i need is a cyberdeck to fill it! Thats a lot of money saved! I wish two novelties moved from r2 to r3 but i understand why they are r2 so i aint complaining! Good luck with sales, ill be purchasing day 1 ;)
Thanks for the support brother!
Is the cyberdeck kit meant to be standalone? Or is it also in SA profile? Would I be able to pair it with mitowaves and have it match?
All keycaps in this drop are SA profile, depending on what you wanna achieve as a final look the answer is yes.
Just a reminder that the preorders are live, including the kit you were interested in. Link: https://drop.com/buy/drop-mito-sa-laser-custom-keycap-set/talk?mode=guest_open

It is finally time to announce our special monokit for the Laser SA project, the Cyberdeck! The Cyberdeck kit is going to be a tribute to Laser GMK - a remix consisting of Cherry legends' style plus spherical flat profile. The kit comes in the classic Cockpit/Mitolet (22333) configuration and it comes with extra keycaps to cover majority of the custom layouts! I also included my favorite novelties that can work as accents for the Esc or the Print/Lock/Pause position on various layouts.
I also tweaked the UK/Norde kits with an extra COMMIT and fixed some rendering issues. In case you want to see more renders of the Cyberdeck, please head over to this link right here! Hope you guys are excited, let me know your thoughts! 🦄
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Um about that monokit that is supposed to be revealed today..WHERE IS IT? I NEED TO KNOW IF I HAVE TO SELL MY RIGHT KIDNEY TOO!
Can we get a numpad Enter key in pink with legend and/or micon symbol?
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Unfortunately I won't be able to add yet another variation for Numpad, the Micons is already a stretch. Hope you understand!
No problem, thanks for organizing SA ver of this, will be going for most of the kits. Looking fwd to using this with wildcherry theme Atom & VS Code with git mods, and I will purchase other 2 mods set as well.