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Vintage DIY-ers interest check

Anyone in the community collect (and repair) vintage pens for use? I find it is often the next step in fountain pen collecting, but it took me about 10 years into the hobby before I built up the courage (and had the income to devote to it). I started with a lot of cheap and broken lever fill pens off eBay and now hunt specific brands and types. However, there’s just something elegant and satisfying in bringing an old pen back to life and pushing it back into service! My latest was a pair of wartime Conway Stewarts, which are uncommon pens here in the US but some of my favorites.

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Multiple Esties, Sheaffers, and a Few Parkers.
Nice find - a CS has been on my list, but they are challenging to hunt down in the States. I tend to run to the US brands - Parker, Sheaffer, and Waterman, with some Esterbrook and Eversharp. P51s are definitely a favorite.
Sheaffer are great to restore; less challenging that the vaccumatic Parkers. Aero 51s are less daunting!
hi! I haven’t reached that point, yet. However, I have an old pen (25+ year) with a tip I can’t make it work. It has quite sentimental value since it was a present from my parents after graduation. I’d love to know how to fix it.
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Thanks, I haven’t thought about it. Is there any model in particular I should try?
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This is the wrong place for your question. I suggest you move it to the Watch Community.
That's a real Conway Stewart!
And only $40 including the new sac :)
Icing on the cake!