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Could we add Crocheting to this community as well?

A combination of the two would make things easier as well as increase the amount of people who use this community since its kind of quiet.
gorian2222, Kaytie Lang, and 35 others

I agree on the Fibre/Yarn rename - they could include soooo many more products, especially when it comes to spinning/weaving equipment. Plus imagine how happy some hobby farmers would be if they had orders from all of us for wool to be spun 😍
I crochet rather than knit so I would really enjoy having this expanded to include crochet.
I’ll add my voice to this! Maybe morph the knitting group into a fiber group?
i spin, crochet, and weave, and would love to see some high end yarn drops like Malabrigo or Manos Del Uruguay and so on. So far the yarns I’ve seen I can get for similar prices if I just keep an eye on the sales.
Why can't we include spinning or weaving or loom crafts in this section..
I agree -- would expand the community immensely. I'm more of a crocheter than a knitter, still in the really newbie/needs practice level on the latter.