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Focal Elex matched with Fiio A5

I have now been sent two pair of the Focal Elex and for some reason they don't work well with this portable device. Can someone give me some insite into what may be the problem. When the bass is played it crackles. Massdrop is letting me send them back but I wanted to see if I'm doing anything wrong. Any ideas?

Elex is low impedance headphone and very sensitive to secondary distortions. Try to turn OFF bluetooth receiver on Q5 Bass cracking is due to not enough power to drive Elex on bass pick moment. Plug Elex to more powerful amp, and the crack will gone. It was discussed before on Elex page. Regards, Kim
Do you have issues with any other headphones connected to the device? Do the headphones crackle when connected directly to a cellphone, computer, or other amplifier?
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There is no design flaw in something reaching its mechanical excursion limit north of 100db at intended listening distances. Your tone was accusatory. Those who wrongfully throw stones should not be surprised when they get tossed back.
How was my tone accusatory? I was making a comment about Focal. Unless you're a representative of Focal, there was nothing directed at you. And Focal has stated that it happens at 100db but users have reported it at lower volumes so that's where it's problematic. Personally I get popping in one driver way before clipping would start so that's another issue.