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So, none of you have ever heard of this, but it's amazing. A dapostar, or dapo, is a eight pointed fabric thing that you can leave at home, pack with you anywhere, and just fidget with to you hearts content. When you spin the dapo it becomes stable, you can toss it in any direction, do fancy tricks, and play pass. With not much practice, I can already pass it behind my back, through my legs, spin it on one finger, and all left handed. It's basically the perfect mashup between a Frisbee and a yo yo, but with friends. There are multiple types for beginners, kids, and pros with fantastic patters and designs. The only issue? They are only sold in Spain. I know massdrop is an awesome community willing to try new things, so please, share this thread, check out the website, and lets get massdrop to bring this quickly expanding trend to the whole world!
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Total spamma lamma lamma ding dong. From the people that brought you the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball.
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