Apr 12, 2019178 views

Whoever is in charge of UI

You're killing this site. This shit is a confusing mess. It's not smart, it's not easy to navigate. It's just a slew of garbage all thrown into your face at once. Roll back to a year ago. It was simple and you weren't constantly being bombarded with the trash that Massdrop is trying to sell. This site was popular because of the unique stuff you could find on here. That's becoming less and less common. I used to check this site daily, being excited about what might pop up. I check this maybe weekly now, and when I do I usually give up because you can't find what you're looking for quickly. You have to search through all these confusing sections just to navigate to where used to be the first thing you'd see.
omgthisnoise, Neothan, and 35 others

I am of the mentality that the more information you can clearly display on a given screen at a time, the better. But this layout shows less information on a given screen than ever before, plus makes it harder to get to the information I want. There is so much wasted space, and I fear this approach is geared entirely towards smaller mobile devices. These changes do not make me want to use the website more, quite the opposite actually. If I was a smarter person than I am, I’d create some kind of script that just parsed the pages automatically to display the relevant content I’m looking for, because using the site right now, as is, is a unenjoyable chore. 😩
Fix it till it breaks is the model they seem to be following, it all started with the removal of pagination, and has gone down hill ever since. https://www.massdrop.com/talk/259/i-wish-massdrops-website-would
I find it hard to navigate also. It's like the content is somehow hidden beneath the UI. :(
The latest update in particular is a nightmare. It's like they don't even want you to look at ratings and discussion (which wouldn't surprise me), and even the descriptions have to be dug up.