Never get included shipping..

I bought a pair of Sennhieser HD6XX's last week. They shipped Tuesday, arrived to an area only a couple hours away from me on Wednesday, and the status hasn't changed since then. Turns out they have to send it to USPS, which won't deliver on weekends, so best-case-scenario I'll get these $220 headphones nine days after I ordered them. If this was any other shipping carrier, I would have had these headphones yesterday. Top it off with the fact that they won't ship to PO boxes even though they deliver the package to the Post Office anyway, and sub par customer service on FedEx's part, I'm really disappointed. I hope these headphones are worth this ridiculous wait and frustration. 0/10 stars. I'll never buy anything through Massdrop's standard shipping ever again.
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Apr 15, 2019
Patience, padawan. I had mine shipped to my consolidator in CA before it was delivered to Manila via air courier. My total waiting was more than 2 weeks but my HD6XX was well worth the wait. In the meantime, I also got myself a Topping D10 DAC and paired it with a Nobsound NS-08 tube headphone amp from Amazon (Be sure to replace the stock tubes with a pair of NOS GE 5-star 6688 tubes. Best to upgrade the NS-08 opamp to a dual LM4562NA opamp for about US$4.00.). Total cost : less than US$200. A better DAC option would be the Topping D30 which costs just a few dollars more than the D10. You won't regret this set-up. :)
Apr 14, 2019
@johnbroark I think your expectations were too high. Purchasing from Massdrop generally comes with some waiting time (ranging from several weeks to several months depending on the product) due to their collaboration (design, production, construction, etc.) with other companies - in this case Sennheiser. It results in quality products for a relative low price (due to a large demand) and still makes it profitable. So, have some patience, and yes, it will be worth the wait! Combined with a DAC and AMP (I have the Topping D30 and A30) the Sennheiser HD6XX is a great pair of headphones!
Apr 14, 2019
Something similar happened to me. I bought NuForce EDC3s which shipped all the way from the US to Hong Kong and used Standard Shipping . They used DHL, and as far as I could tell, it took them 2 weeks to ship the items from Frankfurt to HK. If I use amazon, then the whole process, me ordering to receiving the item takes about 1 week with their standard shipping
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