Apr 13, 2019

sennheiser pc37x

I just recieved this have to say i loved the feel the weight and its really comfortable. I bought this to use with my ps4. Had to get the sennheiser 2-1 adapter. The problem i have is only one ear piece works and the mic doesnt work either. Can anyone he lp fix this or is it a faulty product.

Maybe try the headset on a different PS4 controller (maybe the audio port is not working), if the issue happens with a different controller then the issue might be the adapter. Try the headset with a PC and see if it works fine with that. Use the search function in the PC37X discussion area to see if people are having the same issue. Worst comes to worst. Email Massdrop CS and get a replacement under warranty
Thanks for your reply i tried it with 3 differnt controllers and 2 differnt adapters, i was on to them going to excange it. Thansk
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