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How about MD's sexy new layout--pretty cool huh?

Yes, I'm kidding--it's terrible. I just wanted to lead with a positive statement. I'll bet there are a few who like it, a few like me (who don't), a few who don't care one way or the other, and a few more who haven't noticed it yet. But what I really want to know is, where do you come down on the change?

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I don't like the new layout. The name change is dumb but I guess that's the way society is these days. Gotta change for change sake. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.
Disappointing they didn't ask the people who use it most for suggestions and ideas. Now those people are enjoying it less and therefore using it less--it's a damn shame!
This uh... pretty bad. Its like there trying to push social media into the whole thing too.
I don't think it's terrible, but it is definitely worse than before.
On a scale of 1 to 10, it sucks!
And the name sucks. Massdrop was a distinguishing name, drop just isn't.
They will live to regret that silly moniker!
Totally agree. What does Drop mean? Drop in value? Drop in quality? Drop in options? Think about how stupid a name "Drop" is.
Is it just me or is the blonde woman with the knife in the header video really creepy when there's no volume? It's like I can almost hear her saying "I just found out that my new boyfriend is married. Now I'm in his house, playing with his knives while I wait for his family to get home".
Hide the Bunnies!!!
That video totally sucks. Those aren't real people, its just a bullshit commercial like they make for the pharma ads.
Well, it was good while it lasted Massdrop. Agreed, site is basically unusable.
Yikes--finally watched the "Drop" promo video featuring all the "Drop People"--an odd collection of stereotypical-looking Gen X, Y, and Z actors recruited and cast to play US in a commercial intended to make US feel like WE'RE part of the party! Strange--we're the one’s who bought the beer; who the hell invited those guys?

Take a random bunch of us and have a look. I'll bet my house that none of us look or talk like that, esp that dude? at the computer
A random bunch of MDer's? Might be more scary than you think!
Oi, what the crap is this Drop stuff? Did some exec at MD have a f’ing aneurism? So, not only does the site look like a rabid toddler got their hands on a WYSWYG, now it is called drop? Who the hell thought that was a good idea. i know a few things that are going to drop. Sales and profit.
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Drop is a ridiculous name. Massdrop is unique and searchable on Google. Drop? Good luck with that
They certainly "dropped" the ball lmao
Finding a website like this one where you can just explore products and (for me anyway) "window shop" for things I want someday but can't get now (a $600 fountain pen, heck yes), is a lot like a relationship, especially with all the marketing plugins such as newsletter prompts, etc. Massdrop, for me, was like a sexy paramour, good-looking and fun, but lacking in pragmatism to an acceptable point. Now it's just a pain in the ass. It took 3 minutes of janky website behavior just to add this stupid comment that no one will read. I don't like the change personally, but I'm probably not their targeted demographic. C'est la vie.
Massdrop: Changes website layout to run slower, be less accessible and look worse. DROP: Hold my Beer. . .
The new name is awful. It is going to get confused with lots of other things. Like Drop Box, etc.
It sounds like a hippie blog about water conservation (not that that's a bad thing).
Just want to point out I predicted the name change a week ago. Now look for the sale...
Colorway is more pleasing to the eye with simple black n' white theme and hints of yellow for the small but important bits but overall rather bland UI
Yup, the UX folks are on mental holiday. CSS.... Can't see shite
I also prefer the old layout, though my assumption is that they're trying to get us to engage more into other aspects of the website. Old layout was like you go straight to drop -> shopping -> simple and clear. Now it's like they try to make you look at chat forums, polls, other stuff.......etc before going to the shopping area. But I mean we joined massdrop to shop so I find it a bit more annoying to use now.
I think now with the change to Drop the functionality got a little bit better but I still prefer the old site, old logo, old name better. I never understood why companies feel the need to "rebrand", remember Corsair Gaming?
Seems a bit too modern-ish, too clean. But I'm sure I'll get used to it
What choice to we have?!
Changed again today for me and I see no way to view discussions for all my communities any more. Seems I have to go into each community individually and select either photos, questions, polls etc. Sorry massdrop, you're now unusable for me.
This is something many of us have also flagged internally and will be addressing shortly. Any features other than an easily accessible direct link to the Discussions in regards to using the discussions?
If you're suddenly interested in user input/feedback, there's plenty of it here, on the thread I created for that purpose. Of course MD might have thought to open a page of it's own to seek input and address concerns; hell, MD might have even taken a moment to announce the changes were coming in the first place! But better late than never, right?

Beyond the fact that the site is noticeably less usable now, clumsily designed, etc., it's also just a complete 180 in terms of aesthetics. It feels like Massdrop is trying to emulate other online shopping experiences (my first thought was REI, idk if thats because of font choices or what) when 1) shopping on massdrop is not a typical online shopping experience for various reasons and 2) the execution is lacking (source: everyone else's complaints lol). Additionally, many of the changes seem arbitrary or change for the sake of change. Apparently the accent color for massdrop is yellow now, as opposed to the blue that had become, in my opinion, integral to their brand recognition. Generally, I get the impression that some higher up handed down an order to take the site and "make it more dynamic" and it was torn down and built back up to chase some nebulous ideal with no real direction, vision, or plan.
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Higher ups are usually the kings of screwing things up
In the new layout, the important information (e.g. time left in the drop) stands out less than before. It also seems to brighter, which has been noticeably straining my eyes because I usually view the site in the evening. The discussion and reviews are difficult to navigate because the dynamically loaded pages don't play nicely with scrolling by mousewheel. Sometimes I have to scroll up and down several times to be able to read a particular post. The "Read More" link on the product overview page also functions rather slowly. It's confusing, too, because most sites use that kind of link to display additional text that was hidden. Massdrop uses the same link style, but links the text to a page fragment. Now that I know that, I never click the link because scrolling takes me to my destination faster.
Agreed--everything seem less direct and slower to execute. Especially finding the lag time on the notification bell drop-down to be agonizingly slow.
simple is better, the new layout is not simple.
And mos-def--ain't better neither!
Yup. Pretty freaking horrible. It's like the interface for a craptastic iPhone app got shat onto the main website.
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The app is a great addition though. That's been outstanding for some time. Can't believe that they only added an app now.
Yeah. Don’t get me wrong. I’m rather pleased to have an app for it. Even if it is crazy slow load and ugly as crap. I don’t think that the layout or the majority of the design elements are any good. The UX has gone from something that was easily used... to this. X_x
Can it be sexy if it sucks? All the changes I've seen lately have been for the worse. I'll see your Nauseated Ned and raise you a Barf Boy

I thoroughly hate it, not only did the old layout look nice, it was easy to navigate... why fix something that isn't broken?
Also notice that prior drops are now listed as "Sold Out" and "Out of Stock" C'mon--what's up with that? How you gonna sell out of something you never owned? The drop just ended--or worse, they couldn't sell any of it.
The new layout is awful. The old one was a lot more mobile friendly and it was much easier to navigate to posts that you were interested in.
It's nice for PC but a bit inconvenient when browsing on a phone. Also pages now take noticeably longer to load and are laggier when using the site on my phone
New layout is terrible, harder to see price , navigation is harder. I think its trying to be simpler but it really isn't. Give us the old one back!
Old layout was better - easier to steer around. And I agree with the comment that the old layout was easier to use on a phone... Changes are always tough, but they should add functionality (though I can see where someone might think the static appearance of each page is more modern).
Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don't. This is one where we can bring our best liquor, hold hands, and kumbaya - it's pretty bad.
Liquor yes. Handholding, no.
You underestimate the power of liquor and drum circles. You'll give in to the moment. Hugs are not out of the question :)