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We’re Making Changes in Some of the Massdrop Communities

Hey everyone, We have some news regarding (some of) our communities that we want to share with you. As of Tuesday, April 16th, we will be doing some shuffling with some of our communities. This includes some renaming, and also some sunsetting. So why do all of this? Well, we’re constantly listening to the community, what’s working well and what’s maybe not working so well, to create the best experiences possible. As part of this, we’re also of course thinking about how we want to grow. That’s led us to identify some changes we think are important to make. Here’s the summary of the changes we’re making: • Renaming “Men’s Accessories” to “Style Accessories” • Renaming “Men’s Apparel” to “Apparel” • Renaming “DIY Tech” to “DIY” • Sunsetting Auto • Sunsetting Beauty • Sunsetting Hobby Shop • Sunsetting Knitting So, let’s explain what’s happening here... Men’s Accessories & Men’s Apparel (Renaming) If it wasn’t obvious, we want to open up these communities to be more inclusive, plain and simple. Over time, we will have more products available that appeal to all genders in these communities as well as foster a wider array of discussion. DIY Tech (Renaming) In the near term, there won’t be many changes. In the longer term, however, we hope to consider more interests in the ‘DIY’ space that much of the community has been giving us feedback on. We’ll keep you posted as this evolves. Auto (Sunsetting) The products and most conversations within this community aren’t entirely dissimilar from the ones that can be found in Tech, and that’s where you’ll be able to find these products and discussions moving forward. Beauty (Sunsetting) The Beauty Community has been with us for a while. We know how big an undertaking it is to make meaningful contributions to a community like this and we want to do it right. For now, we’ll be sunsetting it, but know that we care about taking the right steps forward with all communities. For now, we think the right decision for this community is to say goodbye, but we plan on looking into how we may revamp it in the future. Hobby Shop (Sunsetting) On October 15th of just last year (2018) we opened up 5 new communities: Baking, Board Games, Flashlights, PC Gaming, and Trading Card Games. Board Games and Trading Card Games were natural ways for us to hone in on the different areas that made up the bulk of the Hobby Shop, and as it closes, the products and conversations will simply move to these respective communities. Knitting (Sunsetting) The Knitting Community has been an area that we know needs a greater degree of focus. As for now, we’ll be sunsetting it, but hope we can seize the right opportunity to bring it back at a later time. For any community that we sunset, you can rest assured that we’ll be making all considerations for what we offer on Massdrop including bringing certain communities back in the future if the opportunity to do so arises. Each of these decisions, though in a way they’re all a bit different, were not simple ones. The philosophy of our decisions here comes down to the best effort we can make for the communities that we have on Massdrop while we change and grow. Here are some answers to some questions you might have:

“What about products I’ve purchased in those communities?” Any product you’ve joined to purchase will run its course, even if it’s set to go past the sunset date. Can we finally have a _______ community?! Right now, we’re focused on these particular changes with the communities we have, but we do we want to expand and open up to new communities in the future. I loved those communities, will they ever come back? They very well could. As we continue to grow and make changes, we’ll always be seizing opportunities to open up to more communities. We’ll always keep you involved, up to date and aware of those changes. If any issues arise during this transition, you are more than welcome to contact our support team (https://www.massdrop.com/support). We’re planning for everything to be as smooth as possible of course, but if anything arises, you can submit a ticket and we’ll help you right away. As far as any questions, comments, or feedback you might have, feel free to join the discussion below. We take your thoughts to heart and welcome anything you have to say. Thanks for joining us on this journey and being a part of the community.
The Massdrop Team

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Just now seeing this - TBH, about 90% of my purchases were in the beauty community, so I'm pretty sad. :T On the other hand, I'm sure my bank account is happy, so. ETA: Was there a specific reason to sunset Beauty? Just curious.
I'm not as wealthy as the rest of you seem. Hope schmoosing and cruising between purchases is cool.
How to kill a community? Spend years building a trusted brand even going so far as to collaborate with some of the best names in various respected businesses to create lower cost, better versions of existing merchandise. Then RAISE prices and change your name to something stupid all the while making your web site harder to navigate and less friendly to use! That's Business 101! Yay! I get the China tariffs. I don't get how that affects prices on something like the HD6XX? The more people buy the cheaper you should get them. Also I'm very glad I got my TH-X00 Mahogany and Ebony before they had Drop x Fostex printed on them. Because that's a negative. Drop? Really? Because my first thought is poo and I really REALLY hope you're going to stop labeling exclusives now.
Good Lord! Calm down and breathe deeply. It's ok.