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How about MD's sexy new layout--pretty cool huh?

Yes, I'm kidding--it's terrible. From my perspective, it's as if MD hired INVICTAS's Marvel Comic design team to come over and spruce things up here! Not sure how the other communities feel about it, but I am curious to know what the Watch Community thinks: Better, Worse, Makes No Difference?


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The actual design is a non-issue to me. It still is slow-loading and sluggish, which I do not like. On my phone, the opening page is too much. That said, I am noticing the product deals are better with the new "Drop" name. I jumped on a new pair of headphones and now a new tripod recently simply because of a good price on good products at a time when I have been on the lookout for both. To me, this is the most important thing about the site and I had partly given up on this place until the past 2 months because there was no "deals" at all. Keep up the good work on that at least.
I hate it! I’m sorry maybe that’s a little harsh...I immensely dislike it!😩
yup it sucks, like Grandpa always said "dont fix what aint broken"...
I think they're trying to be more touch-screen/ipad focused but I think most people browse this site while bored at work and don't use touch screens. Using the site gives me a headache. There's just too much blank space making navigation/browsing tedious.
Not only too much empty space, but the touch or clickable areas aren't well defined or intuitive. I can see why people don't find it as fun or inviting to use.
I'm so frustrated by the "improvements", that I find myself not visiting much anymore. The old wasn't great, but it was better than this
I've been told more than once that I don't like changes but the new look and functionality suck IMO. The watch selection is as if they're giving up on it.
I can't argue with you on that point; hell--sometimes I can't even FIND the Watch Community!
I only have one thing to say. 🤮🤮🤮
It suuuuuuuckks.
Ooohh.. how about NOW!! WTF..
It was really bad before. Now I miss that.
A living, breathing example of that old expression: "things could always be worse..."
I'm sure that the only people thinking this new design is any good are the ones that designed it.It took me so long to learn how to navigate this I nearly pulled my profile. Why is it that it can always be "improved", not everyone is tech savy as to be able to navigate straight up. Have people not heard the old saying -" If it ain't broke don't fix it". I used to enjoy this site, you know -come & have a look, maybe buy something- don't bother much anymore. Thanks RayF for bringing this up. Now, how the "F#$@K do I get outa here?
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Have you tried the App from the App Store? Worth checking out; simpler login process compared to Safari.
Just downloaded it, i like it a lot
Hate the damn new layout...so resource intensive...ugh! Take forever to get to something!
Agree--big latency issues, awkward navigation, unintuitive layouts, slow loading graphics. Pretty sure the site has been highjacked by the Russians, at this point.
I just want to browse audiophile only! And I'm force to go through so many link to reach headphone. Maybe I'm missing something but yea only through phone app this annoying 😠😠😠😠😠 browsing method.
I'm with you--even on a computer, navigation is tedious and slow. On a phone it's almost not worth the effort.
You can't sort by price anymore
Hmm...I'd never tried that.
looks cheap IMO
I agree--big, clunky-looking graphics, too much space used for to little function. I guess they're assuming everyone is using a 27" monitor these days?
the layout itself is a disaster, but the real shining shitmachine is the optimization. there's a 10 second latency between pages on my phone because some middle management backbirth determined that this website needed to use more ram than a AAA game.
Sad, but true!