Apr 16, 2019

Never order anything to Germany

I just got my Sennheiser PC37X delivered and I had to pay 30$ customs fees. It's probably my fault for not thinking about that beforehand, but let that be a lesson for my fellow Germans and/or Europeans. The customs fees make Massdrop completely useless for Europe. What a shame. Also the delivery took almost two weeks. With shipping included I now payed 165$ for the supposedly 120$ Headphones. Which I could have gotten from Amazon the next day for the same price and without the hassle.

Well, if you bought a pair of 120$ headphones from Amazon, and they were shipped from outside of Germany, you'd still have to pay the 30$ customs. So rather 120 + 30 than 150 + 30, right?
You can only purchase Massdrop made products on this website. If you see the PC37X being sold elsewhere, please let us know, since it's a scam. The headsets from Sennheiser on Amazon, the PC373D and Game ONE, are similar but exactly the same.