Apr 17, 2019

Ocean Crawler?

I just signed up about 10 minutes ago and am still trying to figure this out, but can anyone tell me if they’ve ever done anything on Ocean Crawler?

You picked an especially bad time to join. MD just revamped the website and none of us can figure anything out either. I blame @steve and @Duncan (couple of resident trouble-makers around here ;- ) As to your question about Ocean Crawler Watches, not that I can recall. One thing to check (if you can find it or navigate to it) is the list of prior watch drops. It used to be just below the current assortment of drops. MD rotates most of those in an out on a regular basis. You might spot the one you're looking for there. Otherwise, stick around help the wrest us work through this mess, we could always use another hand!
Thanks man. I think I may have gotten most of it figured out. It was hard to navigate at first