Pitching a New HD 650
When identifying partners to collaborate with, we’re always looking for companies who can deliver based on the needs of our community. Sennheiser is that to a T. Audiophiles have long considered the HD 650 to be the best open-back headphone under $1,000, but we’ve also heard feedback that a few small changes could make it even better. So when we met up with the Sennheiser team at CES in Las Vegas, we knew we wanted to pitch an idea for a custom revision of the HD 650. Following a formal presentation, the team was inspired by our ability to gather the opinions and sentiments of audiophiles in a way they hadn’t seen done before. Now, the real work begins: we’re excited to announce that our two companies are teaming up to bring this product to life!
thumb_upSaroop Singh Toor, Akame-san, and 9 others


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