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Apr 19, 20191967 views

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We have an exciting new project underway: a warm, versatile hoodie rooted in the outdoors. Thanks to merino wool’s thermoregulating properties, it’ll make a great layering piece on and off the trail. We want it to be a casual everyday essential, endlessly wearable everywhere from the couch to the office. Now, we need your help! We’re at the step in the design process where we’re deciding between a full-length zipper and a half-length zipper. Which would you find more useful? The direction we go in is up to you. Take a look at the images below, then comment on this post to let us know what you think.
Nathan Richards, Cheung Roy, and 19 others

Hi Everybody. There is some comments comparing this new hoodie to our Peak merino hoody and i wanted to shed some light on how this hoodie will compare. First off all we heard you on on the Peak price point and we are working towards a significantly lower sale price while also improving the quality. Secondly the material will be warm and cosy but a bit lighter than the one we used for our peak hoodie. The reason for this is taht we want to make a true universal wool "mid layer" and the almost 400 grams brushed merino made the peak something more like winter specific sweater. A lighter material will be more breathable and better at handling moisture wich will make this sweater better suited for wearing while hiking, running, climbing or working out. It will pack smaller and lighter for our through hikers and dry much faster should you get wet. That said when leaving comments please keep in mind this product is not going to be an outerwear jacket. Keep the comments coming! We are super exited about the level of involvement! Thanks, Michi
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1/2 Zipper and kangaroo-pocket would be my wish. And I would something that is suitable for active use in the shoulder seasons but not too heavy, so something in the range of 300g weight.
Stay tuned, thats exactly what we are aiming to do! In the next few days we will be polling for colors so that will be your chance to get exactly what you are looking for.
Half zip. I live my Ibex hoodies. Shame they went out of business.
Full zip 2-way.
Half zip
There are a lot of 1/2 zip fleece out there, but no decent full zipper. Most are too long and no hoodie. I am looking for one that is light weight for backpacking and around town. Thanks for asking!
will you make it in women’s sizing too?
This hoodie will be available in both men's and women's fits and sizes. Check out the new poll for colors
Full zip for versatile use and ventilation appropriate water resistant light weight zipper kangaroo pockets have no real value in the hiking world and are a waste of fabric and weight IMHO
I find full zip to be more versatile.
Half zip...
Full. Far more versatile for those of us constantly switching from office to baby duty to outdoors and back. Much easier to manage my temp too since I'm either sweating my ass off or freezing.
Full-length zipper! I love my Patagonia R1 and the half lenght zipper is the only thing I dislike on it. Balaclava style hoody and thumb cuts are also great.
full-length zipper
Full Zipper
1/2 zipper is the way to go
Half zip. I have half and full of different materials. The half- third-, and quarter-zips always get more wear from me.
Half zip and kangaroo pocket!!
Merino wool is my favorite sweater fabric. It holds dark color better than cotton, is soft, warm, and odor resistant. I finally wore out my icebreaker zip up with holes in the elbows and cuffs after years of biking to work and wearing it in the office. I suggest the full zip for versatility. The Mother Karen's 1980s retro workout 1/2 zip is too causal and workout, which reduces its flexibility. And who wants a pullover anyway?
If you look at the way the outdoor "performance" market is moving full zips are pretty much non existing any more and if so they are often on final sale. In casual apparel however the full zip is still a thing at a fairly low pinpoint mostly with basic materials like poly cotton blend. Not exactly a price point we can compete with using 100% Merino From what I am getting the real questions are "can it be worn casually at the office?" and "is competition moving away from full zip and opportunity to do something unique or a sign to move as well?"
Full zip
Full length zipper if you ask me! Easier to put on with big hair and wearing it all the way open adds a little additional option for even more heat control. Honestly I wouldn’t buy half zip but that might be just me
If you can make one in camouflage this would be a big seller in the western big game community.
1/2 zip with a chest pocket. Thumb loops. Under 10oz. Essentially make this but lowered price:https://www.kuiu.com/shop/shirts-tops/hoodies/ultra-merino-145-zip-t-hoodie/20000.html?cgid=shirts-hoodies&dwvar_20000_color=CharcoalBlack
Definitely full length zip for all around style and comfort on and off the trail. I would suggest also creating an inside zip pocket for any essentials as most outdoor jackets do.
half zip
Half zip FTW!
I like the concept of the half-zip with the kangaroo pouch.  Holds heat well, but should be able to regulate with the half zipper.  Thank you for the explanation of the difference between this and the Peek, outershell. 
If its a mid layer, half zip, if it is going to be an awesome hoodie, full zip. Both half form and function, and utility that users desire. Any addition to be suggested would be like other said chest pocket on full zip, inner pockets on half zip. Also my biggest gripe with hoodies, although i live in them 90 % of the year, is there is no way to securely leave things in the pockets. I do like track jackets...Pocket zips or velco. 4 me pls. Its a tall order you are adventuring on. Good luck. I look forward to seeing the hoodie.
W/ oversized hoodie
I prefer the Half length zip especially if its meant to be a mid layer. Some ventilation is preferred but having a full length zipper is not something I need on multiple layers. Also it looks better and allows bucket pocket.
Full length zipper