Apr 20, 201963 views

Budget setup, rival $1,000 system

Not sure if I am the lucky owner of this fine HiFi gear, I purchased the Yamaha A-28 receiver eons ago, (I think I paid $20 for it). I decided to hook up my HE400i to it and play through the Spodify Headphone test play list. I was blown away with the performance of this setup. I am using my Dell laptop connected to a Type C hub. and use the headphone out converted to RCA feeding this AMP. The Headphone out to the HiFiman 400i blew my mind. I own more expensive headphone., I find this setup is the best for the budget. I am not saying this will out perform $10,000 but for $20? I can live with it. (I was going to purchase the THX AAA 789 for $400). Once I hook up my rig. I have no desire to own the best out there. So if you are in a tight budget, give this a try. The Yamaha comes with a 7 band EQ and a Loudness adj. I am also powering my passive computer monitor (SONY) with it.

Vintage integrated amps/receivers are a really solid source for planar and high impedance dynamic cans on a budget. They tend to struggle with low impedance headphones and iems due to output impedance mismatch and the tend to not be the lowest on noise front. That is something you would get with spending more... flexibility. If this meets your needs than I say enjoy, you and your wallet will be on better terms than me and mine.
Thanks for the explanation, Once again I am schooled.
Always happy to share experience with those willing to listen. I own over 30 pairs so I have various amps and players for different needs. The thx 789 is really a jack of all trades device, something I don't really need anymore as I already have specialized equipment for different needs. Balanced cans are on the Cayin, the Gustard H10 can work with all of my lower impedance/high sensitivity due to all the gain configuration. The Lyr is there if I want some tube's infused. My V20 get's use for all the portable fairly easy to drive gear.