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Spending a lazy Saturday with the Komodo from Helm watch. Love the white face and the lume on this beauty is incredible.
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Love that Blue color! Would look killer on a aqua blue Obris Morgan strap! :)
Thanks! I'll have to check that out. Do they have a website?
They do. The make EXCELLENT divers at great prices (they probably have some available). Strap in question: http://www.obrismorgan.com/natural_rubber_01_aquablue_22.html
I want one. Did I miss the drop?
Nice watch
Thanks man!
The lume is mad!!! Helm so nailed the look on the Komodo. It'll look great 10 years from now. A true keeper in any collection. They sell out for a reason. Great catch. Cheers...
I'm not completely sold on most micro brands. I see the value part of their foray into the watch industry. However, IMHO where they miss the mark is esthetically. Most MB design esthetic fall short and shortens their life spam. Their visual esthetic quickly wears and becomes dated. When designing a watch, the spec/size/movement is the easiest part. The most difficult, critical part is the visual design aspect of the watch equation. As in fashion, adhere to classic design principles and "know how to break the rules" to make the look your own and the look will be timeless. A very difficult tightrope to balance. My long winded point is… HELM is an exception. Their latest offering, the KOMODO knocks it out of the park. Big fan of this MB from the east coast. This KOMODO bad boy should fit my smaller wrist and feel their evolving look, great design. My disclaimer, I also get it, ROCK what you like at the end of the day. Our hearts want what our hearts want. Lads, appreciate the time and for letting me pontificate on my soapbox. Cheers...
Well said my friend. I’ve looked at many micro brands and this one does not disappoint. Clean , not overstated.....it’s just right. Enough to catch the eye, then it reels you in....once on the wrist......sold....hook, line and sinker.
Yup, that's the coolest bezel. Definitely a sexy-beast!
Thanks Ray. One of my favorites
Wow that's a really pretty bezel lume!
C'mon, you know that's not fair as I missed this beauty last time 😤 Anyway, Hank from Helm Watches reached out to me and there will be a pre-order option for the coming sale. Just can't wait for it...
That’s awesome! I’m gonna try the other 2 styles also. They make a really great watch.