Are there any software developers here who use a sub 50% keyboard as a daily driver? If so, share your key mappings.

So I have been diving down the rabbit hole with this hobby (with a great community too!), As a first purchase, I got a Vortex Core. Thanks to tsfreddie's hack, I have been able to achieve much more customizability with the keyboard than was possible with the standard firmware. I have attempted to optimize the keymappings to make it more convenient for software development (for example, !@#$%^&*() is in a function layer but as a first order instead of second order key (not needing to use a shift to access them in addition to the FN key) the /?, {[, }] are blocked together on the bottom row, the -_, =+ keys are where they would be in a standard keyboard but also first order on the function row.) However, I am looking for suggestions from other software developers. I am even considering remapping the alphas to COLEMAK since that seems to be the general consensus? as a good programming layout. What say you all?
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Apr 26, 2019
I want to, and using Vim bindings everywhere makes it possible, however using i3wm I use a lot of numerical and F-key shortcuts on a normal (60%+) keyboard. So having to press a lot of keys to change layers AND hold modifiers is a little awkward. I guess it's time to revise my i3 keymap 😅 I have an Alpha28 coming soon, let's see how that turns out!
Apr 25, 2019
Ah yes. I do use NeoVim so typically I use that. The IJKL layout is for all other software. But agreed, Vim is great.
Apr 25, 2019
i find that vim's keybindings are hand savers--hjkl instead of ijkl. maybe make the back space next to the space bar control.