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Massdrop's Decline

I would like to preface this with the statement that I love the premise of Massdrop and what they have done, especially for the audio community. However, things are on a downward spiral in terms of customer satisfaction. A combination of sudden price increases (in the middle of drops), terrible UI compared to the previous style, and awful customer service when drops are delayed has made me lose faith in this company. Even worse is the fact that many community members have expressed displeasure about these issues and there has been no response from any representatives of Massdrop . There is growing disconnect between this company and their customers. A price increase on your most popular products when your premise is"consumer driven commerce" seems contradictory. Opening pre-orders for a product where only 500 units are available when 15,000 people have requested it, then only sending out an email about this hours after the drop has ended is dysfunctional. The list continues. I loved this company due to the fact that I felt as though it actually listened to the feedback of the community and tried to improve. I do not get this feeling anymore and I think there are others who can relate to this feeling. While sales may not be negatively impacted immediately there is the very serious risk of increasing customer dissatisfaction and decreasing customer loyalty. This will ultimately lead to decreased sales long (or the reduction in potential for growth of sales) and hurt the brand name. You can not have consumer driven commerce when the voices of the consumers fall on deaf ears. I hope this changes soon.
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Well, Massdrop just updated the UI again, and it's even worse. They've made it more difficult to find discussions, and made it more inconvenient and busy in general. Learn from Reddit Massdrop, let us opt out of these changes!
Yeah this latest change is utterly terrible, and I think means I'm now done with Massdrop.
I don't like to point fingers (@Duncan), and I would never think of blaming (@Duncan) one individual for everything that goes (@Duncan) amiss in a large company with many, many employees--that would be (@Duncan) unfair, so I think the right thing for all of us to do is be patient, while MD works out the (@Duncan) kinks in their systems, and allow them time to overcome their growing (@Duncan) pains. After all, where would we all be without (@Duncan) MD? Think about that!
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I was making light of the theme here (the decline and fall of MD) and dropped a subtle hint that regardless of whatever goes wrong on or with MD, it's most likely @Duncan 's fault. Evidently @Animalex is Duncan's toy-poodle guard dog, and took offense to my theory.
Sorry, having useless opinions on the internet is more of a pastime than a profession for me. I'll let you get back to work.
Hi I’m new here and I did join from the self interest viewpoint of being a consumer and skint at the same time😊 but this is very sad to hear. Surely the price was agreed between MD and whichever company before it was offered here. We’re not dealing with open ended govt contracts. As I said I’m new. Is it the same managerial structure as when it began? Why not draft a formal letter to MassDrop outlining these grievances? Your concerns are far from petty and could have a very negative outcome if left unaddressed, Hey anyone like Band of Skulls? I’m listening now. Wish it were later so I could dial up the volume😁
It's appalling how many products are still being featured on the front pages that are actively mocked and criticized for redundancy. I feel a steady decline there too; supposedly hundred-dollar basketballs painted like granite marbles to give you a "competitive advantage", "tactical" self-defense pens, titanium straws with a college thesis written in the store page about how "aerodynamic" they are and how the "enhanced suction" will cure all ailments or God-knows-what... It's hard to believe the "community driven" part when it seems half of the items pushed onto us get the same cold response (or a laugh) from the vocal minority of shoppers here. Even when items we DO want are made available, the experience of simply purchasing them is more often than not a hassle with shipping dates that are delayed past their already abysmal initial date, stock that's never enough, strictures, the list goes on. It's been a long time since I've actually purchased anything here. A while ago, I could actually convince myself I was saving money by shopping here rather than Amazon or other online retailers. I'm waiting for Massdrop to give me that back.
I remember when I first joined, it didn't take long to get to a point that I realized it was a waste of time to "shop around" on an item that was offered here. Lately, I have to stop myself from just joining and have found that I now instantly go to the discussion link on the drop due to the fact that there has been quite a few times someone has already found out you can get it cheaper on amazon (and get it in 2 days). I feel Massdrop used to be the kind of company that if they had their costs go up on an item, especially if it were one of the most popular, re-occurring items that they actually kept in house now, they would've let the community know that future drops of the item would be more expensive due to the fact of costs, or a change in the item. Now, I see the prices went up on something that was said to be "in stock", none the less. I would think prices would go down on an item after selling 15,000, not go up. I understand manufacturing costs change, but when prices go up with no warning on an item said to be "in stock" (especially when Massdrop is usually a couple months to ship if they don't have them already bought, paid for, and sitting on a shelf), it makes me feel a little uneasy. Also, I will go ahead and say that if they did come out and say the price was going to change, I definitely missed it and my bad on the last half of the comment.
Consumer driven means that your feedback is incorporated into the products they offer and the collaborations they try to make happen. It does not mean they are here as a charity to sells things at a "break even" price.
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Amazon started as a book seller/reseller and then moved into being a larger online marketplace with many different varieties of products. They found that they had much lower overhead than the brick and mortar stores of the era which resulted in the ability to sell products at a much lower price than their competitors. They eventually got enough purchasing power behind them that they could drive those prices down even lower. When you buy things in larger quantities you can get a better price per unit, unless those goods are produced in limited quantities or custom made. Sometimes a product will require the same cost no matter how many of them you try to purchase at a time. I recently tried to negotiate with a nice amish girl to sell me her entire supply of pies at a discounted rate. It was a fruitless (less fruit?) pursuit. The pies are hand made by her and her family to be loved by whoever walks up to her road-side stand to buy them and they have a set value to fund the materials and maybe a little for workmanship. And they are delicious! Those that I bought were truly top-notch pies. It might be worth the drive to get more of them soon. mmm pie. The moral of the story is no discount on pies. If that doesn't make any sense to you based on your comment, that's because your comment in response to mine is equally nonsensical and doesn't address the point that I was making. TL;DR: No shit, but what does that have to do with the point I was making? Prices go up over time for everyone. If you have a drop that is constantly running, you're going to end up increasing the price of an item mid-drop, dick-move or not. Furthermore, it was announced that pricing changes were coming before they did. https://www.massdrop.com/talk/21735/pricing-update
Your point was and has been largely irrelevant because it's been stated within this thread that the issue is not the increase in prices, but instead transparency. The link you posted is nice, but unfortunately the price increasing in the middle of the drops happened before it was made -- good on them for actually explaining it though, I must have missed it so that's on me. Moreover, your analogy is still not analogous to Massdrop's business model. They aren't going to a roadside stand largely unaffected by economies of scale, and if costs are fixed by the manufacturer, then such fixed costs should be reflected by the initial drop, not halfway through it. If Massdrop is holding onto old stock and using the FIFO pricing method to sell them to the community and that's what's causing the price jumps, such inventory should be sold separately so as not to confuse those who are speculating about joining a current drop. This way the price doesn't jump in the middle of the drop, those who are early backers get the benefit of the lower price, and no such disclosure regarding price increases is necessary. Kind of petty to go on some weird Amish pie tirade just to make a point about something you're also missing the point on.
Yep, I agree completely about the 789 drop. They shouldn't have opened the drop until they had sufficient stock. Because now I'm going to buy a different amp elsewhere and Massdrop misses out on my (and probably a lot of other peoples') money.
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If they can't get the parts they need to build more amps, that's not exactly on Massdrop. It's more on THX for using EOL components in their amp then refusing to redesign while partnering with others to sell an amp that can't be reliably manufactured. Massdrop is not the only place this has happened with a THX amp. The initial Monoprice version was delayed to the market by many months for similar nonsense. I can definitely agree that Massdrop needs to do a better job on communicating the situation with their community though. I'm basing all of my prior statements on hear-say and conjecture. Not good ground to stand on, and that's as much on Massdrop as anyone.
Supply doesn't have to meet demand, if anything your argument is that they should have raised the price to the point that only 500 people would be willing to pay for it. They simply could have re branded it as a special edition and added some pointless appearance change like they often do with cars. You can't lose customers if you have nothing to sell, and if you NEED an amp, I have no idea why you would wait when there are plenty of great options available. No one is arguing that they shouldn't have stated the number available up front.