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What's the opposite term for 'floating keyboard?'

I just want to search for board #4 that isn't floating like the previous three. Is there a term for that which is common?

Low profile, or "low-pro", is where the case is only as tall as the plate. From the side you can clearly see the switches underneath the keycaps. See the photos in the Massdrop CTRL drop, for example. What you are looking for is high profile, or "high-pro", where the case protrudes above the plate around the keycaps such that the switches are not visible from the side. See the photos in the Massdrop CTRL High-Profile drop, for example.
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Be careful though. There is at least one misleadingly-titled drop.
Fantastic! Thanks man. I genuinely had no clue. 3 boards in and realised I really want something chunky with low keys. Cheers.