Drop Women's Denim
Apr 23, 2019352 views

Details Make All the Difference

When it comes to making a pair of jeans we can be proud of, finding the right fabric is only the first step. After that, no question goes unasked and no detail is too small. We’re picking up where the Ichiban denim left off, so you can expect some seriously next-level detailing. The jeans will feature Japanese YKK hardware, functional front pockets & hidden rivet back pockets, an inseam highlight stitch, and belt loops set in the waistband with built-in raised top seams. Herringbone pocketing and a deerskin back patch will round out each pair. Every time we look at our plans for these jeans, we discover another amazing detail that makes them special. We want you to have the same experience every time you put them on.
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....But will it have big and functional front pockets?
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Women's front pockets are currently 7", most women's pockets measure 4".