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When will the 6XX be back?

Missed the 6XX drop a couple months ago. And was looking for new headphones and I am curious. Thanks.

I want it too
I would be in on this as well! I just got a balanced DAC/amp just for these can's when they drop again.
And if you really want a new pair without waiting, there's always a drop for the bassy Fostex TH-X00, or the warm AKG K7XXs. What amp are you gonna run on your new cans?
I'd buy the next time they drop
And pls make it available in asia countries!
I would bet that another drop will happen in the next weeks, since according to hints from Massdrop there is still a 3500 headphone manufacturing capacity left for the December 2017 date. Massdrop said that it was planning to secure an additional capacity with Sennheiser. This was an update released by Massdrop in late June or early July 2017: "To continue the chain of good news on this drop, we have been able to secure 10,000 additional serialized units as part of the second run. Furthermore, we are working to get another 3,500 units confirmed".
Morever, when the last drop ended a few weeks ago, if I recall, the maximum selling capacity of 21,500 units as not been fully met: I think that about 500 headphones were still available but did not find purchasers at the time.
For these two reasons, I would bet that a second HD6xx drop will happen soon in late 2017 and thus 4,000 units should be available at that time. I could be wrong though...
Considering the last drop of the Sennheiser HD 6XX was July 31 of this year, and the fact that Massdrop isn't shipping the headphones to the buyers until this December, it's unlikely that they're having another drop this year. They just might, but I doubt it.
Yes, let's have these please
Yes, let's have these pretty please
any hope for this year?
I'm in as well if they're offered again
Good question I want to order a pair as well.