Apr 25, 2019

Should I split the difference in sleeping bags and get a decent 20-30° sleeping bag or save up and buy a seperate bag for summer and winter?

I'm in the market to buy a new bag, with summer ahead and being a naturally hot sleeper I'm afraid shelling out money for a colder weather bag (~20°) will only leave me hot in the coming months. My question is should I suck it up and get a mid-low range bag or buy a warmer weather bag and get a colder one when the temperature starts to drop. I have my eyes on the Thermarest Space Cowboy and the Mountain Hardware HyperLamina Spark for warmer weather. Any advice on this is or bags to check out would be much appreciated!

I struggle with this all the time. I have 2 setups one summer and one winter. And of course I have been unhappy with both. I was in the south last week with weather forecasts at night in the 40's, so I brought summer gear. Well, they were wrong and it was in the 20's. We had a down throw and that kept us ok, but not great. I've also been to Glacier NP during a heat spell and had our winter setup. It was horrible. on with the bag, off with the bag, we were both sweaty messes and I'm sure our winter bag sucked up our stench. So I would say buy for the season you use the most and get some sort of liner to extend. But if you really need cold weather gear, you should just suck it up.
I ended up going with a 35° and just plan on using a liner or picking up a quilt. Thanks for your insight on the matter!
I keep contemplating the down blanket here for a liner. We a costco throw, but it doesn't add much warmth.