Looking for a new set of closed back headphones

Hey guys, So here is the thing. I have a pair of sennheiser momentum 2 (wired, over ear) that I realy love, and I have them for something like 4 years now. I decided it's time to get myself something new, and I want it to be a noticeable upgrade. My budget is around 1000$, although I might spend more if needed. Thing is, I am overwhelmed by the funny amount of different brands and models and I don't know where to look. I don't have any high end audio store around, so I want to narrow down my options as much as I can. I want the sound to be detailed and clear, and not too much bassy (I like bass, but am not a basshead). It has to be closed back and easy to drive, as I am using a portable DAC without an amp. Can I have any suggestions about what brands and models should I look for? If anyone wants to suggest something and also knows the momentum or HD6xx, it would be awesome to get a brief comparison. Every suggestion is much appreciated, thanks in advance
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May 2, 2019
headphones.com no questions asked 365 day return policy works well in absence of a stereo shop. I recommend that you check out Focal Elegia as a first trial. These are really phenomenal cans - closed back exclusive. They are the best example I have ever found of what I call "musical" while being neutral in terms of frequency response. They have, by far, the best bass quality of any closed back cans I've listened to. It's fully textured and you can really feel it which is not typical for headphones. If you don't like them, return them and try something different, but I'm betting you'll love them.
Apr 27, 2019
The Aeon flow closed is pretty good , the soundstage sounds larger than most closed back, but they are almost neutral.
Apr 26, 2019
Well, if you're used to and like Sennheiser's sound signature, you should probably go with something from Sennheiser. I really don't know a lot of stuff in the higher end of audio, since a lot of it is just straight up out of my budget at all times. Finding what you're asking for is a bit difficult for me, as when you say "The momentum" it's a bit difficult to understand which ones, as they have true wireless in-ears, normal in-ears, proper headphones, where-in the in-ears are what I recognize their "momentum" branding the most. Since you mentioned the HD6xx, I'm gonna guess you mean proper headphones and not in-ears, for Sennheiser, that's kinda difficult, since they have broadcast headphones at ~500$, but also the HD820's at a staggering 2400$ on Amazon (with 658$ shipping to Norway, great.) As for brands I can recommend, we of course have Sennheiser, BeyerDynamic, Audio-Technica, I've also heard good things about Bowers & Wilkins and Ultrasone, but I can't personally give a recommendation to those two since I haven't tried them. HiFiMan is a brand I have friends who swear by, and Grado has some BIG fans. I've also heard good things about Audeze. As for high end headphones from these brands, we have stuff like Ultrasone Signature Pro (Amazon.de link) and that's really all I know by heart. (With some research) Here's a great list I found that might help you out though! https://www.headphone.com/collections/audiophile
May 24, 2019
So 70 dollar Philips headphone is your most expensive headphone ? SHP 9500 ? Anyway, I understand, not many of us have a lot of money.
May 24, 2019
Apparently it's Pioneer not Philips. I got them right before I started keeping boxes for resale, so I couldn't find the box. When I finally looked at the headphones I saw they're Pioneer, tells you how little I look at them. It's the Pioneer MS5T.