Apr 26, 2019

Camera noob asking for guidance.

I just bought my first good camera. Its a G7 panasonic lumix camera. I want to get into photography and I want toshoot wide angle 4k videos for YouTube. It came bundled with a rode mic and an SD card and an extra battery. What tips do you guts have for a guy who is just starting out. Anything from what upgrades to purchase to tips on How to get best use of this baby would be very welcome.

If you are totally new to photography, the best way is to shoot anything and everything to see how your camera performs. Shoot in P (Program) mode, not Auto, as you may toggle settings to accommodate the scene before you. One thing that many people tend to miss is reading the instructions manual to get the best out of the camera functions. It would give you a head start in getting to know your camera settings and operating it with proficiency once you remember where to press. Happy shooting whatever! :D